5 Best Blood Tonic for Gaining Weight in Nigeria

Blood tonics are one of the well-known health supplements in Nigeria, and they can be found in every local pharmaceutical store in the country. Blood tonic is formulated from Organic iron, folic acid, Vitamin B, and Vitamin B12, which is needed for hemoglobin formation and absorption of iron.

Blood tonics are made for treating anemia. Most times after a certain illness, the body often finds it difficult to repair and rebuild itself, and so, the body works extra hard which leads to low energy and loss of appetite, and eventually weight loss.

It becomes essential that specific food and supplements should be taken to assist the body in its recovery process. Blood tonic and multivitamins are great supplements for the body’s recovery process. These supplements provide the body with the required supplements to gain weight and return to perfect health.

Due to their popular demand, you’d discover that there is a lot of variety of blood tonics on the market, and choosing the best one for your help might prove to be a daunting task. In this article, we will be listing some of the best blood tonics for weight gain in Nigeria.

Best blood tonic for weight gain in Nigeria

The blood tonic listed below can be found around shopping malls or local pharmaceutical shops around the country.

  1. Astymin Blood Tonic

Astymin blood tonic is one of the best blood tonics for weight loss in Nigeria. It is also popular and can be found in almost every home of an average Nigerian family. The supplement is formulated from honey and orange flavor liquid iron which gives the body the nutrients it needs for vitality and weight gain.

The blood tonic has folate in its composition, which helps reduce the effects of fatigue. With its organic element of iron citrate complex, B vitamins and other component minerals absorption become easy, and the stomach functions properly.

The right formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin is made possible due to the inclusion of Iron in its formation, which endures effective transfer of oxygen in every organ of the body. Astymin blood tonic is our number one pick as the best blood tonic for weight gain in Nigeria.

  1. Astyfer Blood Tonic

Astyfer blood tonic is an effective blood tonic for weight gain in Nigeria. Formulated from Iron components, this blood tonic ensures better absorption and better stomach health. The production of red blood cells is effective due to the production of iron and other nutrients, which is great for vitality, strength, and weight gain.

Formulated from 3 major amino acids: glycine, lysine, and histidine, they help with the production of healthy blood. Glycine produces hemoglobin for the transportation of iron and oxygen in the body. Histidine ensures the effective production of white blood cells for strengthening the immune system against infections and diseases. And lastly, Lysine ensures the production of protein for treating anemia.

Astyfer doesn’t cause constipation and is great for pregnant women as it enhances the growth of fetal during pregnancy.

  1. Chemiron Blood Tonic

Chemiron Blood tonic is our third best choice for weight gain blood tonic in Nigeria. It is specially formulated from vitamins component such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin A and B Complex; and iron. The vitamins ensure improved immune system, vision, supply of red blood cells, skin protection, an increase in vitality and energy for effective weight gain.

Chemiron blood tonic provides the body with the needed Iron supplements to help reduce the effects of anemia due to iron deficiency. It also strengthens the immune system ensuring that the body fight against the harmful organism that causes infection.

  1. Bunto Blood Tonic

Bunto Blood Tonic is effective for weight gain and also ensures proper blood sugar levels. The supplements supply the body with platelets and blood cells that treat the lack of vitamin B12 in the body, thereby ensuring that the blood sugar level of the body stays normal.

As with other blood tonics on the list, Bunto tonic also ensures the body has the vital nutrients and blood cells needed for strengthening the immune system against infection. It also ensures effective weight gain for mothers with babies.

  1. Feroglobin Blood Tonic for Weight Gain

Feroglobin Blood Tonic is an effective blood tonic for weight gain in Nigeria. Also made with honey and orange flavor liquid iron, the supplement provides the body with the needed nutrients for vitality and weight gain. Its folate components also help treat anemia, ensuring maximum strength for the body.

The supplement contains iron which ensures the effective formation of hemoglobin and red blood cell for protection against infection and transporting of oxygen.

The blood tonic can is great for family use. With about months of usage, it should produce effective results. Store in a cool dry place and always keep away from children’s reach.

Final Thoughts

The blood tonic listed here should not be misused in any way or form. So you should consult your doctor before consuming any of the supplements above. There are mostly meant for building a better immune system, treating anemia, and lastly, weight gain.

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