5 Best Lightening Creams for Black People

The beauty industry keeps growing all over the world and Nigeria is no exception to such growth. Creams are known to be one of the best-selling beauty products globally, and it’s still doing great to date. The high demand has necessitated high production.

The unique part of the cream industry in Nigeria is that you get a cream for every skin colour. If you are light-skinned, there are tons of great creams in the market to choose from. If you are dark-skinned or chocolate in colour there’s also a ton of cream variety in the market for you.

There’s a preference for every skin colour in the market. And whatever colour you are, you can be assured of finding something that fits your skin colour in the market. Most time all you need is the right recommendation.

And so, in this post, we will be recommending the 5 best lighting creams for black people. If you are dark-skinned, you definitely want to check out this list. The creams on the list are mainly created with natural ingredients that ensure your skin gets lightened with no defects.

Without any further ado, let’s get started number one.

5 Best Lightening Creams for Black People

  1. Perfect white – lightening beauty lotion

First on our list is the evergreen Perfect white lightening beauty lotion. It is common to think that Perfect White is only meant for fair or light skin people, but that’s not so, It is also a great lightening cream for black people.

Perfect White is made from the finest natural ingredients and ensures minimum defects on the skin. It moisturizes the skin and gives you the perfect fair skin. For effective results, the cream should be applied regularly and in no time your skin will become fair and clear.

  1. New kotic skin lightening

Are you looking for something fast and safe? Then the New kotic skin lightening is the best choice for you. It is the second-best lightening cream for dark skin people on our list. The cream is safe and very effective.

It is also made from natural ingredients that help whiten the skin and reduces excess oil for rapid healing and result. New kotic skin lightening cream essentially soothes scarred skin and ensures smooth uneven skin. With this cream, you can guarantee fair skin within days of application.

  1. Gold glowing – pure white cosmetics

Third, on our list of best lightening creams for black people is the Gold Glowing pure white cosmetics cream. It is specially formulated from Camellia, hazel, aryan, and macadamia ingredients. The cream is of two unique types – unifier maxi tones and even maxi tones.

Both products are great for black people and should lighten the skin within weeks of consistent application. The cream comes with a hydrating anti-ageing mixture that clears deep black spots and brightens the skin.

Hyperpigmentation is also reduced when the body lotion is applied to the body. Whichever product you choose to get, you should check the usage directions from the producers.

  1. Extreme Glow – Easy tone

Extreme Glow doesn’t only lighten the skin, it also ensures that the body stays hydrated and well moisturized after application throughout the day. The cream is specially made with beauty milk, vegeclarine, and organ oil. After application, it glows on the skin and ensures every dark spot is removed.

Its natural moisturizer help repair every tiny hole on the skin ensuring smooth and beautiful skin. The unique ingredients used in making this cream make it even more unique than other creams in lightening creams on the market. The ingredients also help keep bacteria away from the body. You can rest assured of light and bacteria-free skin.

  1. Skin Whitening lotion – papaya coulzing

Last on the list of best lightening creams for black people is the Skin Whitening lotion – Papaya coulzing. It is specially formulated from the natural botanical formula, AHA, and Glutathione which gives dark people the perfect skin lightening they require. The cream helps clear dark spots, acne, and marks.

It also contains vitamin C which ensures that the skin stays hydrated and moisturized all day. It also has a good smell on the body and would keep you fresh always.


With numerous lightening creams for black people on the market, it may be daunting to decide on what creams are best for your skin. But with this post, you should be able to pick a cream that is great for your skin.

Again, the ingredients used in making most of the creams on the list are natural and very effective. Within days to weeks of application, you should see positive results on your skin. Your skin will become lightened and glowing in beauty. You don’t have to sweat over choosing the best cream for your skin. Go over the article and pick one and start using it.

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