5 Cheap Lightening Cream in Nigeria without Hydroquinone

Lightening creams for fair skin people in Nigeria.

Nigeria has one of the largest markets for lightening creams in the world. In most lightening creams hydroquinone is a vital ingredient in the production.

However, of late there has been a sound warning against creams that contain hydroquinone. The reason is that it comes with side effects especially to dry skins.

Looking closely at what hydroquinone does to the skin it’s said that it can take away the outer part of the skin which may lead to skin cancer. You can read more of that in an article published by BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-49851669

From another article published on Healthline, they seem to find nothing wrong with using creams with hydroquinone except for dry skins. You can read more here: https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/hydroquinone

Sorry if the 2 references above look conflicting but I strongly suggest you try hydroquinone-free creams especially if you have an uneasy feeling about them.

So, below are 5 good creams without hydroquinone you can buy and use in Nigeria. These creams don’t just leave bright spots they tone your overall skin till it gets to the level you want.

Warning: It is wise in the first 2 weeks of using any lightening cream to pay attention to how it affects your skin. Any bad signs you may want to take a break or try something new.

Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria and Prices

The most affordable and without hydroquinone.

1. Nivea Natural fairness cream

Nivea natural fairness cream contains compounds such as Vitamin C, Aburtin, Kojic acid and Niacinamide. It is one of the best skin blooming, moisturizing and lightening creams, it’s a zero content hydroquinone cream and it reduces dark pigmentation, maintains natural fairness, softening of the skin, and prevents skin discolouration.

Price: 3,500

  1. Dove silky for fair skin

Dove silky cream is an ideal cream for fair skin people in Nigeria, it is produced to maintain a fair skin complexion and its bio-active compounds include; Aburtin, Niacinamide,  and it lacks hydroquinone.

It functions in replenishing rough and dry spot skins, hydrated, smooth and fair skin, provides good smelling and feeling, softening of the skin and antioxidants.

They are now available for  purchase on Jumia

Price: 3,500

  1. Lotus Herbal Skin and Brightening

Lotus herbal cream is a hyperpigmented cream made from herbal extract such as lime, it is produced in the form of cream and gel for extreme nourishment of the skin. It’s a free hydroquinone cream.

It contains compounds like Vitamin C, Kojic acid and Aburtin and it lacks hydroquinone. It prevents controversial and dangerous chemical compounds on the skin.

  • Its further functions are:
  • It prevents a Radiant and flawless look
  • It promotes natural tones
  • It elevates dry and rough skins

They are now available for  purchase on Jumia

Price: 3,500

  1. Clique ID Moistening cream

Clique ID moisturising cream is one of the best moistening and treatment creams in Nigeria for all skin types. It exists in gel, and cream and It’s a free hydroquinone cream that offers you the best natural skin tone and lightening. it’s also capable of converting dry skin to an oilskin in not less than two weeks.

It contains concentrations such as; Aburtin and Kojic acid etc.


  • It battles skin stress
  • It promotes skin moistening
  • It prevents the entrance of ultraviolet ray
  • It maintains natural skin tones and lightening

They are now available for  purchase on Jumia

Price: 2,500

  1. Jergens Natural Glow Cream

One of the best all skin type creams in Nigeria is Jergens Natural Glow, it’s similar to Nivea, it contains zero percentage of hydroquinone and it helps in the revitalization of daily moisture of the skin.

The cream prevents hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration.

  • It maintains skin tones.
  • it prevents moisturizers that hydrate the skin.
  • It contains antioxidants and Vitamin C.

They are now available for purchase on Jumia.

Price: 5,000

The above creams can be ordered on Jumia or found in any cosmetic shop.

If you have any good suggestions please don’t hesitate to mention them using the comment box below.

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