6 Apps that Allow you to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria and Vice Versa

If you have families or business partners in Ghana or Nigeria, then you would most likely need to send money to them. You don’t need to go through the long process of banks and other methods to convert your Nigerian naira to the Ghanian cedis.  With the right app, you can do this seamlessly.

So, if you have been looking for easy ways to send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa, then it’s a good thing you are reading this article. This is because this article will show you 6 trusted apps that allow you to send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa.

6 Apps that Allow you to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria and Vice Versa

  1. Chipper Cash. Chipper Cash is one of the high-ranking Fintech companies in Africa with which you can send and receive money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa. To send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa, the receiver would only need to link his MMO account and send a withdrawal request that would be processed in a short while once you send funds to his Chipper wallet.

Interestingly, mobile numbers can easily be used for identification so you wouldn’t need to stress yourself to remember the receiver’s account ID to send money. To create an account on Chipper Cash, all you need is your phone number or email address, Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a clear picture of yourself. As a new user, you can receive an unlimited amount of money but you can only send 4 million naira per day and 20 million naira per week. You would be able to withdraw 20,000 naira per day.

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To increase your limit, make sure to verify your identity. Once, your identity is verified you would be able to send 5 million naira per day and  35 million naira per week. You would also be able to withdraw 1 million naira daily. Note that Chipper Cash does not charge any fees to send or deposit money.

  1. Afriex. Afriex is a multi-currency app developed for sending and receiving money, so you can easily send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa with this app. The minimum amount a user can send daily to any bank account or e-wallet is $20 while the maximum is $3000 and this would be received immediately.

However, there is no way to increase this daily transaction limit.  Users can also earn on the platform by referring their friends and families to register on the app. Note that Afriex does not charge any fees to send and receive money but they may charge a certain amount of money to withdraw money.

For added security, Afriex allows you to add your BVN to your account. Once you add your BVN, you would receive a text to the phone number you provided. You must be able to access this number to verify your BVN.

  1. Bitsika. Bitsika is another way you can send money to and from Ghana, and Nigeria among other countries. You can also get a virtual visa card that can be used to shop online. To be able to use Bitsika, you would register with your BVN and a recognized national ID. If you are receiving money in Ghana, you would have to verify your account with your driver’s license, international passport, voter’s card or any other means of identification as determined by Bitsika. The app is free to use and does not charge a fee on transactions made. However, there is a limit to this and each user can spend up to $100 in any transaction. Once you exceed the limit in a month, you would be charged a certain amount.
  1. Barter by Flutterwave. Barter is a financial service powered and designed by Flutterwave. You can use Barter to send and receive payments to and from Ghana and Nigerian users, pay your utility bills, and generate a virtual visa card that you can use to make online purchases. On Barter, you may also ask for money from other users and they will receive a message. They will be asked to approve or reject your money request once they click on the message. If the user accepts the money request, he or she will be asked to provide their transaction pin and once they approve, you would receive the money in your Barter wallet. To open a Barter account, you would require your BVN, a recognized ID and your date of birth. Note that you can only send a maximum of $2000 in a day to Barter users worldwide or to DOM accounts (if it’s available in your area). Additionally, if you want to send money to a local bank account, your daily limit is $500. They charge $1 for the maintenance fee of each card.
  1. Worldremit
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Worldremit is a multi-currency app that enables you to send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa. With millions of people using the service, Worldremit guarantees at least 95% success in your transactions. The service is reliable, easy and affordable. You can only send a maximum of $5000 daily.

However, there may be lower limits depending on the country you are sending money from. For security reasons, you would need to provide your BVN and a government-issued ID to confirm the sender’s identity and the recipient’s ID. Transferring on Worldremit is not free but it is affordable. The fees depend on the amount you are sending, the destination and the type of transfer service you are requesting.

  1. Eversend. Eversend is another great app that helps you send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa. You can also purchase airtime, pay bills and obtain a virtual dollar card to use for international transactions. It is convenient to use and user-friendly.

With Eversend, you can save money from your transactions with up to a 13% cut when you make use of a dollar virtual card. According to their site, they do not have any hidden charges. Once you register, you would need to provide a government-issued ID and a clear photo of yourself for identification purposes. Your BVN is not required to register on Eversend. You would have to pay $1 to create a card and you would be charged $1 monthly as a maintenance fee. Eversend does not put a limit to the amount you can add daily, weekly or monthly.

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There you have the six apps to send money from Ghana to Nigeria. Even if some of these apps don’t charge any fees, their transaction rates may differ. So, we recommend that you choose the app suitable for your needs.

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