Abbey Furtick: Bio, Age, Net worth and More!

Abbey Furtick is a popular celebrity child of Holly and Steve Furtick – The founders of Elevation Church in America. In 2021 Abbey was awarded her fifth-grade diploma and has continued with her studies. She is an American and the only daughter of Holly and Steve Furtick.

Profile Summary

Name: Abbey Furtick

Age: 11 years old

Birthday: 11th March 2011

Parents: Steven Furtick and Holly Furtick

Nationality: American

Status: Student

Religion: Christian

Abbey Furtick

Abbey Furtick Age

Abbey was born on March 11th, 2011. Therefore as of 2022, she is currently 11 years old. She was given birth in North Carolina and Charlotte in the United States of America. And so, as of the 11th of March every year, Abbey celebrates her birthday. This year was no exception as she was given a party for her 11th birthday.

Abbey Furtick Family Background

Steven and Holly Furtick are the parents of Abbey. Born in north Caroline, Charlotte in America, Abbey has two siblings – Graham Furtick and Elijah Furtick who are both males, making Abbey the only female child in the family.

Abbey’s dad, Steven Furtick is a senior pastor at American Baptist Evangelical Church, best-selling author, and songwriter. Steven is also known as the founder of Elevation Church in Charlotte, America where he is also the senior pastor.

Abbey Furtick Parent

Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick is known as one of the most successful pastors in the United States. He is a pastor at American Baptist Evangelical church, author of best-selling books, and songwriter at his founded ministry – Elevation church.

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Steven founded his ministry Elevation church after years of learning and serving in other ministries. Before officially launching his church, Steve was the music director at Christ covenant church situated in Shelby, North Carolina.

Steven held the first service of Elevation Church on the 5th of February 2006. Then in 2007, he created the Elevation Worship with his songwriting experience and after a successful spell, he was nominated for notable awards such as Grammy and GMA Dove awards.

Holly Furtick

Holly Furtick is an author and a coach married to the popular American pastor, Steven Furtick. Holly and Steven got married in 2002 and subsequently went on to have three children – Graham, Elijah, and Abbey.

Steven and Holly started the Elevation church in 2016, shortly after relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina. Holly went on to become an author, and a pastor whilst being an entrepreneur. Since the launch of Elevation church by both couples, Holly has focused more on the management of the church thereby creating multiple empowerment programs for main women.

Both Steven and Holly have contributed to the immense growth of the church. Their outlet has gone wide from just American worshippers. They currently have multiple stream platforms, from television to radio to social media. Worshippers can now stream the life services from their homes. They grew Elevation Church into one of the biggest ministries in America and the world. They have established and initiated multiple empowerment programs through the years.

Abbey Furtick Networth

As of 2022, Abbey is still 11 and has not officially declared her assets or net worth. Her father Steven Furtick has an estimated net worth of $55 million. This includes all his assets and investments. His wealth is mainly attributed to his salary from being a pastor, book sales, and much more.

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