Benefits of Blood Tonic, Uses, and Side Effects

Blood Tonic is a supplement consumed to aid the production of blood cells within the body. It is mainly used by those with Anemia (a condition whereby the blood lacks enough blood cells, which are responsible for the distribution of oxygen around the body). They may be packaged and sold as liquid, capsules, tea, or syrup.

Blood Tonic – The Benefits

●       In Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the woman’s body works twice as hard to provide the right and sufficient nourishment for the growing baby. Unborn babies take folic acid, iron, and vitamin B complex from the mother’s blood through the placenta and umbilical cord. These nutrients build the baby’s red blood cells and aid proper growth. 

The woman has to eat more and consume supplements. Blood tonics contain iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and some vitamins that help replace these nutrients as the baby uses them.

●       In babies: Blood tonics are recommended for babies and children to help with weight gain and boost the immune system, appetite, and blood production.

●       For People with anaemic conditions: For those who do not get all the key nutrients from their diet, doctors may advise consuming supplements. Blood tonics contain some essential nutrients that are deficient in anaemic patients, and consuming them supplements meals by providing nutrients not available in the diet.

●       Post Blood Transfusion: After a blood transfusion, the production of red blood cells improves with supplements and tonics, which your doctor will prescribe.

Blood Tonic – Uses

Blood tonics can be used for the control, treatment, and improvement of conditions like:

● Iron deficiency anaemia

● Vitamin deficiency

● Occasional constipation

● Folic acid deficiency

● Treatment of anaemias due to childhood, infancy, or pregnancy

● Pure red cell aplasia

● Pancytopenia

● Anemia associated with acute blood loss

● Autoimmune hemolytic Anemia

● G-6-PD deficiency

● Hemolytic Anemia

● Hemoglobinopathy

● Anemia associated with chemotherapy

● Aplastic Anemia

● Anemia associated with chronic renal failure

● Megaloblastic Anemia

● Hemolytic uremic syndrome

● Anemia associated with foliate deficiency

● Anemia associated with iron deficiency

● Anemia associated with unspecified nutritional deficiency

Blood Tonics- Common side effects

Some common side effects of taking blood tonic include:

● Constipation

● Diarrhea

● Nausea; Vomiting

● Unpleasant taste in the mouth

● Black or dark-coloured stools

● Headaches

● Staining of teeth (temporary)

● Heartburn

● Stomach pain/upset

 Call your doctor if you experience severe effects like:

● Allergic reactions include hives and swelling in the face, tongue, throat, and lips.

● Difficulty breathing.

● Pain in the chest or throat while swallowing.

● Bright red in stools.

Blood Tonic- How to use

● Use as prescribed by your doctor or as directed on the label.

● Measure liquids with the measuring device provided.

● Store away from moisture and heat.

● Never take more than prescribed.

● Avoid consuming multiple blood tonic products(Consuming similar products may cause overdose).

● Chewable tablets must be chewed and allowed to dissolve in the mouth before swallowing.

When to use Blood Tonics

About 50% of pregnant women, 20% of non-pregnant women, and 3% of men lack sufficient iron content in their bodies. Symptoms of this condition are usually weakness and fatigue as there are insufficient red blood cells to move oxygen around.

However, some people are at higher risk of iron deficiency. You should take blood tonics if:

● You’re a frequent blood donor.

● You have undergone gastric surgery.

● You have heart failure.

● You are an alcoholic.

● You have blood disorders.

● You regularly engage in heavy exercise.

● You have cancer.

● An infant or young child.

● You are pregnant.

● You have gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

● You are on iron-depleting medication like those used to reduce stomach acids.

● You follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Blood tonics are best taken in the mornings as iron is best absorbed on an empty stomach. However, you may consume food if a stomach upset occurs.

Blood Tonic: Does it cause weight gain?

There is no evidence that blood tonics directly cause weight gain. The main purpose of most blood tonics is to increase red blood cell production. Blood tonics contain elements like iron, folic acid, vitamin b complex, and vitamin C that facilitate the formation of red blood cells.

However, there is an explanation for why blood tonics may be used for weight gain.

Low levels of needed vitamins in the body will usually lead to weakness, fatigue, and loss of appetite. These factors combined can cause a weight reduction.

Consumption of blood tonics, a mix of vitamins, boosts the body and eventually increases energy and appetite, increasing body weight.

When picking a blood tonic to gain weight, it is important to watch out for vitamins like vitamin B Complex, which boosts digestion and increases appetite, rather than folic or iron content.

Some tonics may include amino acids(proteins). Protein supplements may increase overall body weight.

Blood Tonics- Top brands in Nigeria

There are several blood tonic brands in Nigeria; it is no surprise that some may not be as effective as they should be. The following are the top 10 brands that stand out in no specific order:

  1. Astymin: This is particularly useful for children and pregnant women. It is rich in amino acids, which help build appetite and promote weight gain.
  2. Aster: This brand helps treat anaemias in children and pregnancy. It is rich in Vitamin B Complex and amino acids.
  3. Vitabiotics: This blood tonic contains organic iron and Vitamin B12, which are important for folic acid be haemoglobin formation.
  4. Feroglobin blood tonic: This tonic provides iron citrate complex in organic form for improved absorption, which makes it gentle on the stomach. It is flavoured in sweet honey and liquid orange.
  5. Vitaglobin blood tonic: This tonic is flavoured with malt and natural honey. It is very strong and special for energy, vigour, and strength.
  6. Bunto blood tonic: This tonic may be used to treat anaemias with the origin of nutrition, iron deficiency anaemia, eyesight problems, and other conditions.
  7. Chemiron blood tonic: This tonic stimulates appetite and is taken for weight gain. It is also administered to recovering patients from major ailments or surgery.
  8. Liquid Iron blood tonic: This is used to treat or prevent iron deficiency and megaloblastic Anemia.
  9. HB12 blood tonic: This is rich in iron and Vitamins B12.
  10. Jawaron Blood Tonic: This tonic facilitates normal growth by metabolizing carbohydrates, prevents deficiency of Vitamin B2 by maintaining tissues, and keeps blood sugar levels within normal range.

Note: Blood tonics should not be used while treating active bacterial infections or parasites like malaria. Infection may not be completely removed if blood tonics are taken alongside antimalarial medication because blood tonics are a source of iron and malarial parasites thrive on iron.

Blood tonics are essential for good health and well-being. It is essential to pick out good brands and consume only prescribed doses.

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