5 Best Baby Soaps for Fair Babies in Nigeria and Their Prices

The baby’s skin is very delicate and one should be careful when choosing from numerous baby soaps available in the Nigerian market.

For fair skin babies, there’s no soap made specifically for them but rather taking care of the soft skin is the paramount thing here.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 5 baby soaps that are suitable for fair skin babies in Nigeria.

  • Pears Baby Soap which sells for ₦450
  • Safeguard Baby Soap and Cleanser which sells for ₦700
  • Cussons Baby Soft and Smooth Soap which sells for ₦300.
  • Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo which sells for ₦8,000.
  • Dove Baby which sales for ₦400

More details on the above-mentioned soaps.

5 Best Baby Soaps for Fair Babies in Nigeria

Pears Baby Soap

This is a household product in Nigerian homes, it seems anywhere there’s a newborn there seems to be a Pear product there.

Aside from the sweet fragrance that comes with the Pears baby soap, it’s also hypoallergenic which means no matter the baby’s skin type there will be no allergies.

Perfect for white skin babies.

Safeguard Baby Soap and Cleanser

It’s an antibacterial soap and consists of other ingredients that make sure your baby’s skin remains soft and fresh. However, no matter how mild the soap has been made to soothe babies’ skin it may still irritate some babies’ skin.

When buying, make sure you get the one meant for babies as making the mistake of using Safeguard with Germshield+ is most definitely going to cause serious skin irritation on your baby.

Cusson Baby Mild and Gentle Soap

Another very popular name in the children’s department. For decades, Cussons has been supplying not just Nigeria other countries with babies products ranging from lotion, soap, powder etc.

The Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle soap is specially formulated to take care of your baby’s skin while leaving it smooth snd moisturize since it’s not medicated the chances of irritating your baby’s skin is almost not there.

Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo

This liquid soap is carefully made to clean your baby’s skin while leaving no irritation. It’s hypoallergenic.

Don’t forget Aveeno is a worldwide brand so they’re got a global standard.

Dove Baby Soap

In my opinion, there are not so popular in Nigeria compared to other products on our list but they are really good.

They have a wide range of baby products. Dove baby soap of course is made to be hypoallergenic.

Last words…

Is good to observe how your baby fairs after each bath. If he/she scratches the body after a bath, it could be the soap causing irritation. It can also be the water. But first, change the soap then the water to see if there’s a chance.

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