10 Best Facebook Auto Likes Apps in 2023

10 Best Facebook Auto Likes Apps

Facebook auto-liker apps are used to get more likes on posts, photos, videos, and other content posted on Facebook. There are mainly two types: paid auto-like apps and free auto-like apps.

With Facebook auto-liker apps, one will not have to worry about the number of friends or if the post will be left alone without engagements, as these auto-liker apps, when connected to Facebook accounts, instantly boost the post with many likes and enhances engagements.

How does it work?

Facebook auto-like apps work by downloading the auto-like app; some apps are paid apps. Here, you purchase the number of likes you want. Some are free; others work by using tokens. With the token, you log in. When using a token, you have to grant permission for the app to use your Facebook account to like other Facebook posts of registered users with the auto-like app; the likes are done without you knowing it. It’s a form of exchange on all Facebook accounts signed up with the auto-like app. 

However, auto-like apps should be cautiously used; your Facebook accounts could be suspended if detected by Facebook.

Before opting for a Facebook auto-like app, check for reviews and result in analysis from other users. 

Best Facebook Auto Like App 2022.

1. YolikerYolikers provides instant Facebook likes and offers other engagements like reactions, fan page likes, and auto followers. It’s a paid auto-like app. It’s like an exchange auto-like app; it works by exchanging likes between registered users within the app.

Users can get up to 100 likes instantly for a post and multiple posts; a user can have up to 9000 likes. Users who want to use this software tool for boosting Facebook likes will not be asked to provide Facebook login details, but they use access tokens. Access tokens are unique to each registered user, and Yoliker uses this to access the Facebook account posts. It only works for Facebook accounts that make their profiles public.

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2. Wefbee Facebook auto-liker: This is a free auto-liker app. It not only gives Facebook likes but also offers comments, reactions, instant followers, and friend requests. It’s not restricted to any country. It offers close to a thousand likes up[on signing up, and according to the app site, it states that security of the user’s info and date is guaranteed.

3. FB Vivo Liker: This’s one of the earliest Facebook auto-like apps. Some auto-like apps permit more than one social media platform to use the app for auto-like, but this is only for Facebook. FB Vivo Liker makes use of the token. Token can expire when not in use, and a new one will be requested. It’s a free auto-likes tool.

auto like facebook

Apart from auto-likes, it also offers auto reactions and auto-page ratings. It supports over 200 countries. Likes can be gotten from other countries; to get this, you will select preferred countries from which you want likes engagement. These countries must be supported within the app.

4. Apental Calc FB Liker: This instantly generates auto-likes for your Facebook posts and contents. It supports downloads for android devices only. It’s not a paid app. To use Apental calc, first install the app, and it automatically connects to your Facebook account if you have already logged in on your mobile phone. Next is to select the Facebook image or post you want likes engagement and instantly boost the post or image with automated likes. It only works on Facebook and not in any other social media app. 

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5. Hublaa Liker: This is another free Facebook auto-likes app. It works instantly after confirming your Facebook account with the app. It requires an access token. To use Hublaa liker, install the app, get the access token, and link the access token to your Hublaa account and you start getting likes for your Facebook posts, images, and video. It uses bot and organic followers to increase the likes on your Facebook posts.

6. DJ Liker: This has been around for a while and is used by many. It can be used for multiple posts on a Facebook account and instantly boosts many likes. After making a post and using this auto-likes app, the post gets likes randomly every 15 minutes.

Getting Facebook likes have a perception on people’s minds, it shows acceptability, and more engagements show peoples are interested in the profile or brand. Whether organic or inorganic likes, more likes on Facebook posts increase the post’s popularity, you can use DJ Liker to achieve that.

7. Machine Liker: Machine Liker works with public profiles on Facebook. It’s an exchange auto-liker tool. It gives likes and Facebook engagements from other registered users in the app. You don’t have to pay using Machine liker. It works using tokens. The maximum number of likes using the auto-likes tool is 1000.

8. Free Liker app: Free Liker app works by using earned or purchasing coins. Coins are earned by the user organically engaging with other app-registered users’ Facebook accounts. You like and comment on their posts and earn coins. When you hit the required target coins, you use it to get auto-likes for your own Facebook posts. The coins convert to likes and engagements on your Facebook account. Coins can also be purchased with price rates for different numbers of likes. 

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With this, the Free like app guarantees that it offers valid and organic Facebook likes and engagements.

9. Media Mist: Media Mist does not work for Facebook alone; it works for the rest of other social media platforms. It provides auto-likes, auto reactions, and followers. Media Mister is a paid Facebook auto-like app. The number of likes you get is what you paid for. Though you don’t see the likes instantly, it takes 2 to 4 days to see the purchased likes on your Facebook posts. 

However, when using this app and other auto-likes apps, you may not hit the appropriate sales target from the engagements on your Facebook posts provided by these auto-likes apps; you will have to develop sales strategies to target organic followers generated from the post popularity.

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