Boldgains Review: Why you Should Join

Welcome to our Boldgains review!

I must say the marketing strategy employed by the owners of Boldgains isn’t new. In fact, it’s similar to so many well-known multi-level marketing companies in West Africa talking about the likes of Tiens and GNLD. However, that doesn’t make it any less interesting as they have an array of products to offer to the public.

In this Boldgains review, we’re going to look at the following:

  1. What’s Boldgains
  2. Is Boldgains legit
  3. How can I register on Boldgains
  4. What are the Boldgains compensation plans
  5. How to withdraw from Boldgains
  6. Boldgains products and packages
  7. Who’s the CEO of Boldgains and more.

Let’s dive into it.

What’s Boldgains?

Boldgains International is a company that flourishes on global innovations of health, beauty, and wellness products through wealth transfer and empowerment.  It’s headquartered in Dubai with the aim to make a difference in the world.

With its solid compensation plans, everyone that joins the company enjoys good health through its products and also has the opportunity to make lots of money by introducing others to the platform.

The pertinent thing to us in this platform is the multi-level marketing system available on Boldgains, which allows members to make money by simply referring other people to join that platform.

Is Boldgains legit?

This is the most important question of them all.

Judging by similar platforms that have existed for decades alongside the array of quality products, Boldgains is legit and will be around for a very long time. Don’t forget that this is not a Ponzi scheme, they have products they’re offering.

What are the Boldgains compensation plans?

Direct referral bonus

This bonus is only guaranteed for you when you refer, sponsor, or introduces anyone to the platform. Meanwhile, it only differs according to the package the person paid for, but you stand the chance of earning a 40% commission on a direct referral bonus.

Binary/pairing bonus

An 18.8% bonus is available for you when you refer 2 people left and right.

Note: According to the platform, once you have anyone on your left and right-hand side (2 persons), irrespective of who referred them, the bonus belongs to you.

Upgrade bonus

40% bonus for any member who upgrades from a smaller package to a higher package.

Roll up bonus

This bonus is available when you or your downline are on the lower package and refers some other person to a higher package. The bonus is paid in conformity with your package and some roll up to your uplines on a higher package,  while others go to your upgrade wallet,  which it’s possible for you to use and upgrade to a higher package when it amasses to the package that you wish to be upgraded to.

Retail bonus

Once you purchase our products, you are assured to make 39%-56% as a distributor and then retail others.

Be guided that, you are not permitted to sell any of our products below 39% or 56% higher.

Repurchase bonus

This bonus is allocated to you when your downlines are purchasing any of the Boldgains products.

It appears in points which in return is matched and paid to you as your earrings.

Leadership/incentives bonus

Leadership bonus goes alongside with incentive bonus,  as you retain ranks,  you make diverse incentives such as; cars,  houses,  scholarships etc. Acquiring ranks in the platform is through Accumulated earnings and GIFT POINTS.

Return on investment bonus

Once you are a full registered member,  you are opportune to start earning $1 on daily basis,  until the point whereby your registration fee is complete.

Note: This money can only be used to buy products from the company shopping mail or redeem incentives like; laptops,  iPads, and phones, etc.

Boldgains Membership registration

  1. Visit their website,
  2. Click on register
  3. Choose and purchase any of the following packages below:

Registration packages

° Discovery $30 = #15,000.00

° Silver $60 = #30,000.00

° Gold $120 = # 60,000.00

° Sappline $600 = #300,000.00

° Emarald $1200 = 600,000.00


4 Important criteria you must know in other to be a part of Boldgains;

– You must be a product user

– Distributor (very easy, when you buy at a cheaper rate,  then you sell to make more profits).

– Brand consultant ( the networking aspect,  where you build wealth)

– Investors (as a stockist,  you get a percentage as a Boldgains stick keeper).

– All of the above mentioned.

Note: After your registration,  you will get products worth your money and you will be sent your login information to your back office. Also, you will automatically qualify to make $1 daily,  until you have realized your initial money.

  1. How can I withdraw on Boldgains?
  2. Through Boldgains Visa Card (every member of Boldgains Int’l is entitled to one card and can be used anywhere in the world.
  3. Bank withdrawals (by withdrawing from your Boldgains straight into your Bank account).

List of boldgains products ( for new registration)

  • Cranstem Gold #30,000.00 = ($60)
  • Cranberry Bold #30,000.00 = ($30)
  • Folic Acid #15,000.00 = ($30)
  • Relax Tea #15,000.00 = ($30)
  • Ginger Tea #15,000.00 = ($30)
  • Meet 4 Coffee #15,000.00 = ($30)
  • Perfect plus #15,000.00 = ($30)

Repurchase price (for registered members)

  •  Folic Acid #8,000.00 = ($16)
  • Relax Tea #8,000.00 = ($16)
  • Ginger Tea #8,000.00 = ($16)
  • Meet 4 Coffee #8,000.00 = ($16)
  • Perfect plus #8,000.00 = ($16)
  • Cranstem Gold #8,000.00 = ($16)
  • Cranberry Bold #8,000.00 = ($16)

Who’s the CEO of Boldgains International

Boldgains international is headed by Mrs. Isabella Hibiba.

If you still need more information you can chat a member of Boldgains on

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