Bruce Wiegner: Biography, Networth, Family Life and more!

Bruce Weigner is a popular pop singer born on the 9th of December 1988 in Pennsylvania. Pop music originated in the United Kingdom and soon became popular in the United States in the 1950s. And since the time of Micheal Jackson, a lot of prominent pop singers have emerged into the scene and Bruce is one.

This post contains information about Bruce Wiegner that you might be interested in. From his age to his background and career, we have covered every important information you need to know about the music pop star Bruce Wiegner. But first, let’s start with a profile summary of Bruce Wiegner.

Profile Summary

Name: Bruce Wiegner

Birthday: 9 December 1988

Status: Popstar

Nationality: American

Place of birth: Pennsylvania

Relationship: N/A

Religion: N/A

Sex: Male

Bruce Wiegner Background

Born on the 9th of December in 1988, In Pennsylvania, Bruce Wiegner started singing at a very tender age. He has a family who was very supportive of his musical career. Bruce grew up in his hometown before his rise to fame.

Bruce Wiegner had a very modest childhood. He revealed in an interview that he started music quite young and never looked back on his career path. His parent and siblings were very supportive and encouraged bruce to be all he can be with his music career.

Bruce grew up with his brother in Warminster where actively started his music career. His brother was very supportive of his music career and allowed him to explore his talent to the fullest, something Bruce revealed he would forever be grateful for.

Bruce Wiegner Career

Bruce Wiegner is a pop singer, writer, guitarist, and producer. He is popular for being a member of the Philadelphia pop duo, The Weekend Riot. Bruce Wiegner and Johnny Costa formed The Weekend Riot in 2013.

The duo started by making covers of popular songs and uploading them on the popular YouTube platform. They did this on many popular songs and grew their fan base and popularity. They amassed thousands of views on YouTube from their unique covers. One of the most popular covers they made was “I’m not the only one” by Sam Smith.

The duo was a joy to watch. They both wrote and produced numerous songs together. And subsequently went on tours together. It was only the start of Bruce Wiegner’s career as the duo bagged awards and recognition for their music.

Their songs were a major hit in America and around the world. Just with every joint venture, the due stayed for long but had their songs and career. Bruce Wiegner later founded Overlook studious which he manages and operates. His music grew from a mixture of pop, hip-hop, rock, and punk. Due to the dexterity of his voice, he was popularly known as BRUISER.

Bruce Wiegner Relationship

From 2016 to 2019 Bruce was reportedly dating YouTube star Carly Incontro. Their relationship was the talk of the media at the time. But since 2019 there has been no news of the two getting back together or another possible relationship. The singer has decided to keep his love life private.

And so, the current relationship status of Bruce Wiegner is unknown to the public. The pop singer has decided to keep his relationship status private and away from the media and public. And so, it can’t be confirmed if the pop singer has a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

Bruce Wiegner Streams/Social Media

Bruce has amassed millions of social media followers on various social media platforms. His most active on Instagram where he posts about his daily lifestyle and music. Bruce also actively promotes his music through these platforms.

Streams are no exception to his social media followers. As of the start of 2022, Bruce’s Spotify audience had reached over 30,000 monthly listeners, with the track “IDK” earning over 5 million total streams. These figures are extremely impressive for a pop music artist.

The singer has also had millions of views on youtube where he first started with his pop star partner Johnny Costa. Bruce keeps on receiving positive reviews from his followers due to his pivotal genre of music. The pop singer has an active Twitter account where he shares his opinion on things happening around the world.

Bruce Wiegner’s Net worth

Bruce Wiegner has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand to $1 million. His source of wealth is mainly attributed to sales of his music and concert tickets amongst others. The popular pop star also makes quite a fortune from featuring in other artists’ works.

Bruce has a lot of luxurious cars, mansions, and designer outfits which accumulate with his total net worth. The singer is not entirely one of the most controversial in the music industry.

Bruce has featured top pop singers throughout his music career. And he is still actively singing and going on tours.

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