Can I Withdraw Money From My Walmart Money Card Without Card? – Find Out!

Walmart Inc. is an American retail establishment that runs a chain of supercenters, grocery stores, and discount department stores in the United States. Their headquarters is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas. As of July 31, 2022, Walmart had 10,585 stores and clubs in 24 countries, running under 46 diverse names.

Walmart money card is a card issued to Walmart customers by Green Dot Bank. It is offered as a Demand Deposit Account that provides users with a handy way to manage their finances, enjoy seamless access and move their money.

The card offers direct deposits, overdraft protection, interest on savings, cashback, and a lot more. You can shop in-store or online with it at any store that accepts Master Card or Visa cards in the United States.

Can I Withdraw Money From My Walmart Money Card Without A Card

If you do not have your card with you while you’re out or have maybe even misplaced your Walmart Money Card, you can still access your Walmart money funds. The major way to do this is by Picking up your cash at a Walmart store. You can activate a pick-up using the Walmart money card app. Follow these steps to withdraw money from your Walmart money card without a card.

  1. Download the Walmart Card application or the Green Dot mobile Banking app.
  2. Install the app and launch it.
  3. Log into your account.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Manage Card’ section.
  5. Follow the instructions given to generate a barcode.
  6. This barcode permits you to pick up your cash at any Walmart store in the US.
  7. With your barcode and any other required document, visit a Walmart store close to you to pay your cash.
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At the store:

  1. Find your way to the customer service centre or the Walmart Money centre in the store.
  2. Speak to an associate, telling them you want to pick up your cash.
  3. Present the barcode you generated and a government-issued ID to the associate (The name on the ID must match the name on the Walmart money card).
  4. Once your details have been screened, you will be given your cash.

Note: This pick-up costs a $3 service fee.

How To Load Your Walmart Money Card

You can load your Walmart money card in several ways. They are:

  • Walmart Store Rapid Reload:
  • Visit any Walmart store.
  • Navigate to the Walmart money centre or customer service centre.
  • Tell the associate the amount you wish to load into your card($20-$1,000).
  • Hand over your cash.
  • This service costs a $3 service fee.
  • Your deposit will reflect in your Walmart Money account in less than 10 minutes.


  • Electronic Transfer: You can reload your Walmart money card via online bank transfer. This transaction takes 1-3 business days to be processed. No reloading fee is required.
  • Direct Deposit: You can load your Walmart card with your payroll checks or government benefits through a direct deposit.
  • Deposit check: To use this method, cash any eligible payroll or government check at any Walmart centre. Then go ahead to reload your card for free.

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