Cashbox Review: Safe to use or not?

Saving habits have become a major challenge in Nigeria and other countries, due to the proposed economy distabilization in these countries. So to say, many citizens of these countries (Nigeria) earn a little amount of money on daily, weekly and monthly bases, while their expenses may likely fall above the range of their income.

Due to this facts, people have now find it so difficult to start up a saving habit, either for their self needs or even for future investments. Whereas many people  have now regarded taking the little left over money with them to save in banks just for saving sake without earning any interest at the end as a waste of time and resources.

So, therefore,  in this article, I will be presenting to you the best saving channel in Nigeria and other countries, whereby you can start up saving your money small-small and equally minimize excessive spending and also earn 10-15% interest rate in each of the savings that u make.

Now let’s take a look at this company called “Cashbox” and its features there about, that can help you start-up a little savings and equally expect withdrawing big.

  1. What is Cashbox?

Cashbox is one of the best saving channels in Nigeria and other countries, where one can start up his/her savings with the least amount of N100 and also benefits 10-15% interest rate of each savings been made. The goals of this platform is to help people develop a saving habit, minimize excessive spendings and also start-up saving for future investments.

This platform is a legit and processional company that is located at #859 Bishop Aboyade Cole, St, V.I, Lagos Nigeria. They offer its users the privilege to choose a suitable saving plans for themselves such as whether, daily, weekly or monthly savings. There’s also a lock away funds for specific time plans, unlike in banks that we have the fixed deposit, but the difference is that in Cashbox you stand the chance of earning a 10-15% interest rate in each savings.

  1. How much can I start-up save with?

In Cashbox, you can begin your savings with a little amount of N100 and their is no maximum amount for saving in this platform. Also it’s their users choice to decide their plans whether to start saving on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your future target.

Another interesting part of this platform is that they grant its users the chance to start up an “INSTANT SAVINGS” which permits you to drop additional money into your savings account anytime, any day that you so desired, keeping your current savings plans aside.

  1. How much can I earn per referral on Cashbox?

As a Cashbox customer, you can earn additional money by simply referring someone to the platform. You can do this by sending the person your referral link and ask the person to sign up using the link. Once the person has completed the registration process with Cashbox and starts-up saving with the company, you will be offer some bonus point worth N100, which you can as well convert to either cash money or phone recharge card.


  1. How to withdraw referral bonus from Cashbox


This platform offers its users the chance to withdraw their money by linking up their bank cards with the company. As a customer of Cashbox, you can withdraw your money directly into your bank account anytime, any day at a 5% penal charges,  or you can wait until the due date of maturity (in a quarter) which is usually set by the user and perform your withdrawals at a 0% charges.


N/B: Withdrawals can only take place twice in a quarter.


  1. How long does withdrawal take on Cashbox?


Cashbox is a company that encourages people to start-up a saving habit, for this purpose, they also encourages their users to save thier money for a longer time in other to attract higher interest rate and equally withdraw when it’s duly matured. Plans like, Target, Cliques and Vault do not allow withdrawal until maturity which is in quater periodb(6 months) set by the user, while other plans like, Regular savings allows its users to withdraw anytime at a 5% penal charges and its withdrawal are automated.


  1. How much interest can I earn on savings on Cashbox?


In this company, you can earn an interest rate of 10% on Regular savings  plan and 15% interest rate on a Lock funds savings plan. Just be excited because all interest rate in this platform are earned UPFRONT.


  1. What is the minimum withdrawal amount from Cashbox?


There is no exact minimum amount for withdrawal on Cashbox, you can withdraw any amount of your money on the due maturity date or anytime before the maturity date at a 5% penal cahrges.


  1. Is Cashbox safe to save in?

This company performs all their payments through Flutter Wave and Paystack, a platform that handles top transactions for companies like; Naira bet, Uber. Com, and Bolt etc. This company is protected by stronger SAVERS across the the world and all the savings in Cashbox are held with their partner bank which is Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). This implies that the company is safe and trusted.

  1. How to register on Cashbox

Follow the guide below to perform your registration with Cashbox;

The first thing to do is to visit the Cashbox official website; https//

On the right-hand side, you will find register and sign up for free, click on any them.

Fill in all your requires details by the platform and click on sign up.

Then verify your email with the OTP that will be sent to your mail, click on validate.

Lastly, enjoy N1000 sign up bonus and start-up your savings with Cashbox.

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