Chipper Cash Review: A Seamless Transaction App

Chipper Cash just like Voguepay is a platform that enables you to send and receive money from one person to another.  Released on July,  2018 in Francisco, it’s a safe and easy way of transacting, this  includes crypto-based remittance and crypto trading. It’s available in 7 African countries and UK where it is headquartered.

A plus above some similar platforms, Chipper Cash leaves transfer limit (more on this later) high especially for fully verified users.

Founders are Ugandan Ham Serunjogi and Ghanaian  Maijaled with sponsor coming from Bezos Expeditions the personal venture capital fund of Amazon Founder & CEO Jeff Bezon.

In this Chipper Cash review, I’m going to discuss the following:

  1. What’s Chipper Cash?
  2. How does Chipper Cash work?
  3. What is a Chipper Cash bank account number?
  4. How can I open a Chipper Cash account?
  5. Chipper Cash verification.
  6. Chipper Cash products and services
  7. Chipper cash crypto / How to buy Bitcoin on chipper cash.
  8. What’s  Chipper Cash virtual card?
  9. Chipper Cash supported countries?
  10. Is Chipper Cash legit?
  11. What are chipper cash charges (chipper cash fees)
  12. How can I send I send money through chipper cash  to someone who doesn’t have the app?
  13. What happens if I send funds to a wrong person?
  14. How do I check my account balance?
  15. Can I connect  several mobile money accounts to my chipper cash account?
  16. How to withdraw money from chipper cash?
  17. What is chipper cash limit?
  18. Chipper Cash login
  19. What is my gain on Chipper Cash referral.

Let’s  dive in:

Chipper Cash Review

What’s Chipper Cash?

Chipper is a mobile app that enables people  to send money from one person to another.  It was released on July,  2018, and on the idea that many should move freely across the continent.

It’s a safe and easy way of sending getting money,  including crypto based remittance  and crypto trading,  in seven (7) different African countries as well as UK.

Chipper cash does not impose any fees or limit of the amount you can send or receives. Chipper cash is a legit and trusted platform because of it beautiful features that made it to be outstanding from other fintech devices and it’s founders are Ugandan Ham Serunjogi and Ghanaian  Maijaled,  and it was founded in Francisco in 2018.

How does chipper cash work?

Chipper app is easy to use and has no limit of the amount you can send or receive per transaction.

Regardless of the amount involved or the location of the recipient, you do not incur any charges. If you wish to deposit funds from a mobile money account into your chipper cash  wallet, simply click on ‘Cash In’. You will receive a confirmation request on your mobile phone before the transaction can be rendered successful. To transfer cash from your Chipper wallet to a mobile money account, click on ‘Cash Out’.

What is a chipper bank account number?

Chipper bank number is a virtual bank account number connected to your Chipper wallet in collaboration with Nigerian bank partner Wema Bank and Flutterwave. This bank account number is another way in which you can add cash to your Chipper account; local transfers to this account number from you or a 3rd party will automatically be received in your Chipper balance.

How can I open a chipper cash account?

Download Chipper Cash app either on Google play  store  or Apple store

  1. Open the app and tap on “Open free account.”
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your email address or mobile number.
  3. The next step requires you to enter your first and last name as they appear in your identification documents. You’ll then be asked to enter your birthday.
  4. The next step is to choose a ChipperTag of your choice. This unique name will be useful when one wants to send money to you.

You will get a confirmation on your screen indicating that you have successfully joined Chipper Cash. Depending on the country that you are in, your Chipper wallet will be set to the country’s currency.

For the final step, you need to input a four-digit PIN that you will remember. This set of digits is crucial to ensure that your account is secure. From this stage, you can start using the app to make payments and send or receive money.

Chipper cash verification.

In order to continue using your Chipper account, you need to verify yourself with valid documentation. From 29th September 2020, it is not possible to cash in, cash out or send and receive payments on Chipper if your account is not verified. Ensure your Chipper app is updated to the latest version. Document for Chipper Cash verification include passport, national ID, or alien card. You also have to submit a video selfie.

Chipper cash supported countries

Chipper cash account is open to people leaving in countries like; Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

What are the chipper cash products and services?

Chipper Cash offer the following products in the markets where it operates:

Chipper cash money transfer

Free transfers and the lowest cross-border rates. Link your mobile money or bank account and cash in / cash out at no cost. Make fast and cheap crypto based remittances.

Chipper cash virtual card

There is a prepaid virtual card for making all  online transactions.

Chipper cash invest

Invest in the US market by buying US stocks.

Chipper cash crypto

You can buy cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

Crypto AIP

The API allows users to accept payments, send payouts, and manage your businesses online.

Chipper cash checkout

Local and cross-border payments for businesses at any size. Get paid in a few taps on social media, messaging, apps and websites.

Chipper cash playbill

Make instant bill payments securely without paying additional fees.

Chipper cash airtime top-up

Instantly airtime top-up from anywhere, on any network and send airtime to anyone across Africa.

Note: When you buy airtime from your Chipper Cash account, you get 2% cashback on every purchase.

Chipper cash crypto / How to buy Bitcoin on chipper cash.

Chipper Cash Invest feature allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC by instantly converting your local currency to Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDC on Chipper Cash.
 The feature is only available in Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda at the moment. The crypto “Receive” feature enables you to receive Bitcoin/Ethereum/USDC from another cryptocurrency address. There is no charge for receiving cryptocurrency into your Chipper crypto wallet.

Thete is an “Invest” tab on your Chipper Cash App is where you can buy, sell, or hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC in your Chipper wallet.

How to withdraw money from chipper cash

The “Cash out” button on chipper cash is found on your “Profile” tab. in other to withdraw money from your  chipper cash account, tap the “Cash out” button, then proceed and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw, then link your mobile money or bank account and its done.

Be aware that in chipper cash, withdrawal is processed immediately,  but at times it takes few minutes to. Enter your mobile wallet account or up to 2 working days to enter your bank account.

Is chipper cash legit?

Is Chipper Cash legal and safe? Yes, it is. The app is genuine and can be trusted. The main reason why some people are skeptical about Chipper Cash is the fact that sending and receiving money both locally and internationally does not attract any fees. This is not to mean that the app is a scam or that it has certain hidden fees. As long as you are in the African countries that Chipper Cash currently operates in, you can pay bills, send money to acquaintances and family members, or pay for goods at no extra cost. This also includes transferring funds between the app and different mobile money accounts.

Chipper Cash has partnered with a US company, DriveWealth, to enable its users to buy and sell Bitcoin and invest in U.S. stocks from Africa.

What’s chipper cash limit?

There’s is a limit on the amount that you can “Cash in” or “Cash out”, which varies from one country to another. But you can send any amount of your desire through the app.

What’s chipper cash virtual card?

The Chipper Cash virtual card just like most virtual card is a pre-funded card, this means it has to be loaded with money before using. It is absolutely free to acquire. The card can be used online in the same way you use your physical debit or credit cards.

At the moment Chipper Cash virtual card is only available to users in Nigeria. You can use it on sites like Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Apple Music, Alibaba, etc.

How to check account on chipper cash

To check and know the exact amount in your chipper cash wallet, firstly, you have to go to your profile page and look under the profile picture. Or you try sending more money beyond your account balance, in this case a notification of insufficient balance will be sent to you also containing your account balance.

What is my gain on chipper cash referral?

You can take advantage of Chipper Cash referral program to earn some money. For example, if you successfully refer a friend in Nigeria, you will get 250. To get your referral link and share it, follow these steps:

Tap on your ‘Earn’ tab in the app

Tap on ‘Share Link – Earn Money’

Select the channel you want to share the link on

Select the contact you want to share the link with

Once the person you shared your referral link with completes the following steps, both of you will automatically receive the referral bonus 1 hour after all terms and conditions have been met. Conditions include: The person creates a Chipper account with their phone number and not their email address using your link, successfully verifies their account, adds cash into their account and makes a payment of at least GHS 5 / TZS 2000 / UGX 4800 / NGN 250 / R16 / GBP 5 to another Chipper user.

What are chipper cash charges

At the moment chipper cash money transfer services are free and there’s no required payment fee for any transaction that you make on chipper cash app.

People may start contemplating on how Chipper Cash do make money from all these,  in exemption of the few payment and mobile transfer services.

It is the Fintech that runs a commercial C2B mobile payment solution (chipper checkout)  that aids in generating revenue to the platform. This in turn allows all chipper cash customers to enjoy offered services without sustaining any transaction fees.

Nevertheless, there maybe charges in any transaction that you make in future time,  and the platform has promised to circulate notifications  to every of its customer’s and to also provide some days of grace before implementing any service fees.

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