Does Avis Accept Chime Credit Card?- Find Out!

Avis is a leading American Car Rental establishment with headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey. It is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group which has Budget Rent a car, Zipcar, and Budget Truck Rental beneath its wings.

Avis provides rental car services to business travellers at main airports worldwide and leisure travellers. It is the first car rental service to be located at an airport. They have branches in over 165 countries with about 5,500 locations.

The Chime Credit Card is a card issued by Chime Financial. Inc to its users. It is a secured credit card with zero interest that allows users to build their credit history. Holders make a deposit to the card to set a credit limit and can then proceed to make daily purchases.

Does Avis Accept Chime Credit Card

According to the Avis blog, Avis accepts Chime Credit cards for payment on their rental services. However, not all Avis locations will accept a Chime Credit Card. According to Avis’ official list of cards, all locations should accept the Chime Credit.

However, heads of the different Avis locations can refuse it as a payment method. It is advised that you contact the Avis location you’re hoping to reach beforehand to confirm the payment methods available.

Avis Accepted Methods of Payment

Avis accepts Master card debit cards as well as Visa cards. They generally accept most major credit cards and charge cards.  You can rent a car without a credit card at many AVIS branches, but you must present an honoured charge card. Some valid charge cards accepted by AVIS include:

  • Avis Charge card
  • AT&T Capital
  • China Union Pay
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club International
  • JCB
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Car Rentals That Accept Chime Credit Cards

The Chime Credit card is part of the Visa network and should be accepted in companies that take Visa cards. Unfortunately, some businesses have put restrictions on Chime Credit cards due to cases of fraud.

It is important to note that a low credit limit can mar your chances of using a Chime Credit card, even with businesses that accept Chime Credit. Your card must have enough funds to cover all expenses relating to your car rental. Below is a list of car rental companies that will take your Chime Credit card:

Enterprise: Enterprise car rental accepts Chime Credit cards. Users must ensure their names and signatures match all details provided for their rental.

SilverCar by Audi: This car rental will accept Chime Credit cards as long as the credit cards are in the primary driver’s name.

National car rental: National Car rental will accept Chime Credit cards, provided the card is in the name of the driver and the signature matches the card.

Turo: Turo car rental accepts Chime cards provided the card is in the primary renter’s name.

Avis will not accept cash payment as a mode of payment at any location. They require credit cards in advance in case you need to be charged for any incidents during your rental period. You must always have a backup payment plan as Avis will not accept credit cards with low credit limits.

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