Does Green Tea Help you Last Longer in Bed? – Find Out!

One common concern of sexual health is a low sex drive. This may be caused by stress, an imbalanced diet, etc. If you are experiencing a decrease in libido or don’t last long in bed, you have probably searched for drugs or herbs to improve your condition.

The notion is that Green Tea increases a person’s sex drive, but is this true? In this article, we shall be discussing whether or not Green Tea can help you last longer in bed.

What is Green Tea?

Great Tea is a popular variant of Tea that originates from China. It is one of the least processed teas and is packed with many health benefits. It is from the Camellia sinensis plant and is composed of caffeine, ginseng, and L-theanine, which have been proven to boost libido.

Does Green Tea help you last longer in bed?

Besides helping you lose weight, improving your mental health, and reducing cholesterol, Green Tea is a potent beverage that gives you a fulfilling sexual life. It is a natural sex drive booster and can make you last longer in bed. It boosts your performance in bed and energizes you, so you are not easily fatigued. Besides increasing your libido, it also treats erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and premature ejaculation, among other sexual dysfunctions.

Note that so many things contribute to fulfilling a sex life—for instance, your body weight. Green Tea helps maintain a reasonable body weight, increasing your self-esteem. If you are not generally confident about your body, you cannot be satisfied while having sexual intercourse, which can reduce your sex drive.

 Also, if you don’t have a healthy blood flow, the chances are that you may not last longer in bed. Hence, Green Tea helps boost your blood flow which can, in turn, increase your libido. This is due to the presence of catechins, a compound that enhances blood flow in the body and increases blood vessel size.

How do you Consume Green Tea to Help you Last Longer in Bed?

Green Tea can be taken anytime you like, whether during the day, morning or night. But it is better to take it early in the morning before breakfast. Green Tea can also be consumed in powder form. The powder can be added to oats, yoghurt, smoothies, or water. You can take it hot, warm, or cold — as you please. However, do not abuse the Tea in a bid to increase your sex drive quickly. It must be taken in moderation so as not to cause unwanted side effects.


Herbs and beverages have long been used to increase sexual appetite and other health benefits. Green Tea is not left out as it contains compounds and antioxidants that help improve your sexual performance. A healthy intake of Green Tea can increase sexual stamina, making you stay longer in bed.

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