Does Sixt Accept Chime Credit Card – Find Out!

Sixt is a leading global car rental provider founded in Munch, Germany, in 1912. With about 109 years of business, Sixt is one of the most prominent car rental corporations in the world. This establishment runs in over 105 countries worldwide and over 2,200 locations. You can find Sixt rentals in airports, hotels, cruise ports, and stations. They provide the following services:

  • Car rental: They rent out a variety of vehicles for some time.
  • Car sharing: This method of car renting differs from traditional rentals in that the owners of the vehicles are usually private individuals.
  • Hire vehicle: This includes the likes of taxicabs, party buses, pulled rickshaws, and many others.
  • Ride-hailing: These are also called app-taxis. This matches vehicles for hire drivers with passengers. Unlike regular vehicle-for-hire services, these drivers cannot be hailed from the street. They can only be booked via mobile apps and websites.

How Does Sixt Work

Using Sixt is quite easy. Below are a few guidelines for a seamless Sixt experience:

  • Book your car as early as possible.
  • Plan to pick up your car at non-airport branches near your destination(Often offers cheaper rates.
  • Reserve a car on the app or website.
  • Pick a car based on the number of people you will be transporting.
  • If you are younger than 25, contemplate getting an older person to rent the car on your behalf to bypass the surcharge for younger drivers.
  • Select a drop-off time a little later than you plan to return the vehicle. This will help you still be on time in the case of traffic or any emergencies.
  • You must present a valid driver’s license and a debit or credit card issued in the renter’s name.
  • Make sure you return your rented vehicle with a full tank of gas.
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What Is Chime Credit Card

Chime Credit Card is a secured credit card that helps holders to rebuild bad credit or begin building their credit history from scratch. Cardholders set up credit limits by depositing into a card builder account.

How Does Chime Credit Card Work

  • Moving money: The money you move from your checking account to your credit builder account is the amount you get to spend on your card. This is your spending limit.
  • How to use: You can use your Chime Credit card anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. Use your card to make daily purchases to help build your credit.
  • Builds credit score: Steady use increases holders’ credit history length and helps build an on-time payment history.
  • Benefits: Chime Credit Card has no annual fees, credit history requirements, or interest rates.

Does Sixt Accept Chime Credit Card

Sixt generally accepts all major credit cards as a valid payment method, but this does not include debit or credit cards from domestic online banking institutions like Chime.

Sixt does not also accept these payment methods:

  • Maestro Cards
  • Checks of any type
  • Electronic cards
  • Prepaid cards or gift cards (cards that required to be reloaded)
  • Cash and cash app
  • Visa Electron cards
  • Chime debit/credit cards.

The accepted credit cards include Visa, Discover, American Express, Master Card, Airplus, and Diners Club.

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