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Donna Jeremiah is a successful entrepreneur, and spiritual guide, and popularly known for being the wife of David Jeremiah. Donna Jeremiah is a prudent leader and she is also very family-oriented. Through her leadership years, she has continuously encouraged people to take on family values which helped her become a success.

Profile summary

Full Names: Donna Jeremiah

Maiden Name: Donna Thomson

Date of Birth: July 29, 1940

Age: 82

Spouse: David Jeremiah

Status: Married

Gender: Female

Occupation: Minister/Author

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Children: Daniel Jeremiah, Jan Jeremiah, Jennifer Jeremiah, David Michael

Donna Jeremiah Age

Donna Jeremiah was born on July 29, 1940. Therefore as of July 2022, Donna will be 82 years of age.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

Donna graduated college in 1963, then got married to David the same year. The two have been dating while in college and after graduating, they decided to live together forever. Donna and David have four children and 12 grandchildren. Their children’s names are Daniel Jeremiah, Jan Jeremiah, Jennifer Jeremiah, and David Michael.

Donna was with David in 1994 and 1998 when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma a type of cancer. During both diagnoses, Donna and David were strong in faith and continuously prayed to God for healing. The couples would openly declare their faith in God for healing while going through treatments. In 1999, David was confirmed to be cancer-free after going through surgery and stem cell transplant surgery.

One of Donna’s sons Danial was a famous NFL scout who had a successful career. But now he is a sports analyst, particularly for the NFL.

Donna had in-laws, Ruby and James who were devoted members of her and David’s church. James, David’s father, was popular during his leadership data of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, which was located in Dayton Ohio.

Donna Jeremiah Birthday

Given birth on July 29, 1940, Donna celebrates her birth on the 29th of July every year. As of July 29, 2022, she will celebrate her 82nd birthday.


Donna has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in business from Cedarville University, where she graduated in 1963. James, who was her father-in-law is known to be the president of the university during her schooling days.

David also attended Cedarville university, and that’s where met Donna and start a relationship with her, which eventually led to their marriage in 1963.


Since she got married to David in 1963, Donna has dedicated her time to the ministry along with her husband, where they have both preached the gospel to date.

Donna and David started their church with only seven families in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Over the years they have worked as ministers in the Blackhawk Baptist church while growing their church.

After years of working and leading, their church grew and they had about 1300 active members in attendance in comparison to the seven members they started with.

The church kept growing and they built a school called Blackhawk Christian school which tutors thousand on the way to ministry and living a righteous life for God. After the success of their ministry and school, Donna and David then created a TV show known as The Bible Hour.

Donna and David became a member of the Scott Memorial Baptist Church in 1981 after relocating to California. But they eventually changed the name of the church to Shadow Mountain Community Church, where David was the Head Pastor while Donna was appointed Executive Vice President.

Due to the effective works of David and Donna the church grew to be one of the best Baptist churches in San Diego and subsequently had 8 other branches where diverse ethnic groups were welcomed which included the Arabic and Hispanic nations.

Due to their success, the couples decided to create a children’s school called Christian unified kindergarten schools and the southern California seminary, where a lot of lives have been changed immensely.

The couples created the Turning Point for God TV program in 1982 and subsequently formed the Turning point radio program. The two channels were actively used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and a lot of testimonies were recorded during this program.

Donna accompanied David through his journey in the ministry. The couples traveled to different countries such as Russia, Israel, and Australia. Donna’s Executive vice president position gave e the liberty to go on ministry works with David, who was very supportive of every establishment they both have.

Charity Initiative isn’t left out of the numerous good works performed by the couple. They have traveled across the united states and have initiated multiple charity institutions.

The couple has also actively engaged in public speaking at selected events over the years. Their speaking activities have been a huge source of change for a lot of people.

Donna and David have also actively created church camps for Christians all over America. These church camps are known to be a huge blessing to most American Christian families.

Illness & Health

Donna Jeremiah as of the date of this article is confirmed to be hale and hearty with no illness or disease. Her husband, David Jeremiah was 1994 diagnosed with Lymphoma a type of cancer.

David was confirmed cancer-free in 1999 after undergoing surgical procedures to get the nodule removed from his neck and a stem cell transplant.

To date, no official statement has been made on any disease the couple has been diagnosed with. Therefore, they are fine and healthy.


Donna and David are known to be strong supporters of the former president of America, Donald Trump. The couples believe in his ideology and have subsequently promoted the former President during his 2016 presidential campaign and 2020 unsuccessful presidential campaign.

The couple often promotes Donald Trump through their TV and radio shows. This has also caused a huge controversy for the couple as most of their members, students, and followers are not supporters of Donald Trump.


As of 2021, Donna and David have an estimated net worth of $50million. The net worth includes every tangible and intangible asset owned by the couple.

Their source of wealth includes salary from being pastors, Shadow Mountain Community Church, Writing books, and their TV and Radio shows.

Donna and David has accumulated a lot wealth during their career but they’ve also shared most with their followers, charity and the church.

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