Flowextra Review: How it Works, Legit or Scam

Because of the numerous get-paid-to platforms that are popping out at a rate never witnessed before in Nigeria, one may get confused as to which one to join.

As a heads-up, I’ve seen very good reviews about Flowextra.

It’s a known fact that in their early days these platforms pay and also sooner or later most disappear with users money.

GPT platforms in Nigeria come with an extra tail, that is, you have to pay first to perform take and that’s how you’re eligible to withdraw your earning.

Now, reading the reviews about these programs can help you to know which one that’s paying before pitching your tent.

In this article, we will answer the following questions;

  • What is Flowextra?
  • How does Flowextra work?
  • How can I register on Flowextra?
  • How can I withdraw on Flowextra?
  • How can I log in on Flowextra?
  • How can I share sponsored posts on Flowextra?
  • Is Flowextra legit?

What is flow extra

Flowextra is an income-generating program that rewards you for completing daily tasks on the platform and for referring people to the platform which’s optional on the platform.

To become a full member you register with the sum of 2,500 naira, this opens the door for you to make money daily on the platform. Actions that earn you money daily include reading news on the platform, sharing sponsored posts,s and making comments on posts.

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How to earn on Flowextra

> Register and become a complete financial member on the website with the one-time registration fee of N2,500

> They pay 52% affiliate commission which implies that you get instant payment of N1,300 for each person that you bring to the platform and complete registration.

Note: Referring someone is optional (though it’s as well one of the ways to increase your earning).

  • You are entitled to instant airtime of your preferred network provider for posting your credit alert statement (with an excellent title) on the site.
  • You get an instant registration bonus of 1,000 FAE points immediately after your account is activated.
  • You get paid 10 FAE points by just checking each of the news that you see on our page.
  • You get paid 200 FAE points by logging in on daily basis, attached with your sharing of sponsored post rewards which you’re meant to be sharing day-to-day on your Facebook timeline.
  • You get paid 10 FAE points by simply dropping comments on any articles on our page, (commenting brief words such as; really, thank you, yes, good, ok, etc, is not permitted on the page, therefore your comments on any article must at a minimum not go below 5 words and above to conjoin with the article.
  • You’re capable of placing a withdrawal without getting to refer anyone, once you reach the minimum threshold of N10,000 FAE points all these without extra charges.

Another interesting part is that once you have successfully become a well-registered member on our website, you can be making a whole lot of cash not less than 50,000 on weekly basis with the support of our top 10 earners.

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You will surely get credited anytime, any day, with a period of 1-2 hours once you have placed a withdrawal request.

Flowextra registration

The under-listed instructions below are steps for registration on Flowextra;

  1. Visit the official website on https://flowextra.com
  2. Get in touch with anyone of the coupon code sellers to get a coupon code or you can go ahead and activated with your card.
  3. Click register
  4. Input the required details like your first name, last name, password, username, phone number, and email address.
  5. Click “Register”
  6. Activate your coupon code or pay with your card
  7. Registration requires a one-time payment of N2,500.

How to login on Flowextra

Go Flowextra.com, fill in the username or email address and Password in the appropriate fields.

Note, this are the details you supplied when signing up.

How to share sponsored post on Flowextra?

Firstly, go to your menu bar, click on the FEATURE, click on the sponsored post category or you can log in into your dashboard and click on SPONSORED POST, you will see the sponsored post for each day, all that’s required is for you to copy the whole text and also download the images, then proceed to your Facebook timeline and post it on the public.

Note: Ensure that your post is public because it is essential due to the fact you will be asked to provide your Facebook link on your withdrawal form in other to get paid 100% without any referral.

Is Flowextra legit?

Flowextra platform was created on March 22nd, 2020, under the legal care of Flowextra technology. registered and confirmed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the BN:3107446A proficient online business.

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If you have any questions do well to use the comment box below.

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