How Much is UK Student Visa in Nigeria and How to Apply? – Find Out!

If you desire to study abroad, then you can never go wrong with studying the program of your choice in the U.K. However, before you can successfully continue your academic journey in the UK, you would need a UK student visa. Applying for a UK student visa could give you a tough time especially if you don’t know how much it costs or how to go about the application process. But in this post, we would be showing you how to apply for a UK student visa and how much it costs in Nigeria and other helpful information.

Requirements for UK Student Visa for Nigerian Students

Before we proceed to the process of applying for a UK student visa, certain requirements must be met to ensure the application process is hitch-free. Note that the requirements may vary depending on your university or course of study, so you should get in touch with your institution. Also, the visa processing time varies. It could last for 2-3 months if you are a Nigerian student. The following are documents you would need for the application process:

  • Passport details.
  • Recent passport photographs.
  • Proof of language proficiency (English).
  • Proof of financial capability i.e financial backup in case you can’t afford the fees.
  • ATAS certificate (not always necessary.)
  • You must obtain 30 points from CAS which shows that you have been accepted to study.

Note instructively that you must provide the above details correctly as each has specific points attached to them and you would receive these points for your visa.

How to Apply for UK Student Visa in Nigeria

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You can apply for a UK student visa in Nigeria online through the website of the UK student visa. All you need to do is fill out the forms and process your application status. Bear in mind that caution must be exercised in filling the paperwork as any mistake made can be very costly in the long run.

Types of UK Student Visa

  • Short-term study visa: Best for short-term courses in the UK. They can be used from 6 to 11 months.
  • Tier 4 sponsor license: Required if you want to study for a longer period.
  • Tier 4 child student: Suitable for children who are from the ages of 7-14.
  • Tier 4 General student visa: For individuals of age 16 and above.

How Much is the UK Student Visa in Nigeria?

The UK student visa costs about 348 pounds. You can also pay additional fees to cover your health insurance over there and this could almost be 150 pounds per year. Note that a short-term student visa could cost about 97 pounds for 6 months and 186 pounds for 11 months.


If you have told people about your plans to study in the UK, then you have probably heard how difficult the application process can be. Even though this might be true and untrue at the same time you shouldn’t worry as following the steps in this article could make your visa journey seamless.

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