How to block someone on Cash App

The Block feature of the Cash App allows you to block contacts from accessing your profile for security reasons, to avoid familiarity, and to hide your presence from the App from those you don’t want to know you are on Cash App. 

First, let’s explain what a cash App is.

Cash App is a mobile payment and transaction app established in 2013 and formerly called square cash. It’s a digital wallet that saves, sends, and receives payments. Cash App is a digital financial service for money transfers from peer-to-peer and business transactions. There are two types of Cash apps: personal and business accounts. Sending and receiving money is instant and reflected instantly in the account balance.

With all these functions of the Cash App, it’s expected that there would be illicit activities to scam people out of their money on the App. To avoid getting caught up in such, if a user suspects a contact account of scrupulous activities, he might consider blocking the contact.

Usually, suspicious contacts use the ‘request money’ tab link to request money; such requests come with a well-written, compelling message on why you must send the requested money to them. Many Cash App users have fallen victim to the scams. But by blocking an account, you keep your account profile out of their sight from contacting you and requesting money from you.

Other reasons a user might consider blocking a contact could be falling out of friendship, agreement, and the unknown identity of the message contact. Also, a user might not want his family members to know he is using the App, so he will have to block them on Cash App so they will not find his identity. To avoid familiarity with another account, you can block them, too.

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How to block someone on Cash App

Go to ‘Activity” on the homepage of the Cash App

Check through and see transaction activity with different contacts. Click the particular contact you want to block.

When clicked, you will have different options; select ‘Block.’

And that’s it; the contact is blocked and will no longer be on your contact list. It will only appear in your blocked lists.

What happens when you block someone on Cash App

A blocked Cash App account will automatically be enlisted among blocked contacts. You can see contacts blocked and those that are not blocked from your contact lists.

A blocked account cannot see your profile anymore and cannot have any interaction of any sort through Cash App features and services with you. The blocked contact won’t be able to find your transaction activities too.

When an account is blocked, will the account user know?

Cash App won’t send any information to the blocked account, notifying the user that it is blocked. A blocked account won’t find your profile anymore and won’t be able to perform Cash App-related financial services with you. A blocked account will not also see all your activities on Cash App, and activities with the account will stop unless you unblock.

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