How to change friends into followers on Facebook

Social media has been on the rise since the 2000s, and Facebook is known to be one of the earliest big guys in the industry. And arguably the biggest social media platform in the world. The chatting app giant has millions of active accounts on its platform.

With such huge engagement, Facebook has constantly looked for ways to improve users” experience on the platform. And so, over the years, they’ve come up with a series of features and functionalities to make the platform better than others in the market.

One new feature is the ability to change friends into followers on your Facebook account. This is a great marketing feature that entrepreneurs and influencers would find helpful for their branding on the platform. But not many people know if this is possible and how it can be achieved.

And so, in this post, we will take a look at how to change friends into followers on Facebook, things you should consider, and why you should change your friends into followers.

Without any further ado, let’s start with things you need to consider before changing your friends to followers on Facebook.

Things to Consider before changing your friends to followers on Facebook

While the process of changing your friends to followers on Facebook is quite easy, there are some things you need to know about the change and how it will affect your account.

  1. The same Facebook account

You will have a new Facebook page and your Facebook account will remain intact after the conversion. So you don’t have to worry about losing your account, it will remain the same only with a changed view.

  1. Your Facebook account will be the name of your new Facebook page.
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If your account name is ‘Ola Tunde’, the new page will be named ‘Ola Tunde’ as well. Don’t worry, you can change the name afterwards if you want to. There are other ways to change the name of your Facebook page, the simplest is through your account setting.

  1. The Number of friends will be converted to the number of followers

This depends on how many Facebook friends you have; if you have 2k friends, the page will have 2k likes and followers. All you’ve done is change your friends to followers, the figures remain the same.

How to change friends into followers on Facebook

Now, let’s look at how to change your friends to followers on Facebook.

Step 1. In the upper-right corner of Facebook, click the down arrow.

There is a drop-down menu.

Step 2. Choose Settings.

Step 3. On the left sidebar, select Followers.

Step 4. From the drop-down menu next to the “Who Can Follow Me” section, choose “Everyone”.

Step 5. Adjust the settings for “Follower Comments and Notifications” to your preference.

There you have it. But note that this setup is totally optional, that Is you can choose to still maintain a profile.

Benefits of changing your friends to followers on Facebook

Numerous benefits come along with changing your friends to followers on Facebook. Of course, marketing might seem to be the one widely known benefit, but there are others too. Below is why you need to change your friends to followers on Facebook.

  1. Wide Display of your update(Promotion)
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This is certainly a goldmine for marketers who want to promote their services or products to a wide audience. When someone follows you, their News Feed displays your Public updates.

And so, People may also find your profile by looking at the “People to Follow” box on the right side of your follower News Feed or Facebook might simply suggest your profile to the friends of your friends.

  1. Massive sharing

Followers can share your Public posts, allowing your profile and post to reach a wider audience. If you are a marketer, you can be sure of making more sales through this strategy than ever before.

  1. Higher Exposure

Because of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, personal profiles gain higher exposure in the News Feed. If you use your profile to promote your business, you’ll have a better chance of being noticed.

  1. Unlimited followers

The 5k friend limit placed by Facebook on a personal profile is one reason why you need to change from friends to followers. You can have as many followers as you want. There’s no limit to how many followers you get.

  1. Ability to block followers

Lack of control could result in negative effects. But fortunately, you still get total control of your account after the change and that includes blocking unwanted followers. By modifying your Privacy Settings Block List, you can still block potential followers who poss a danger to your page.

  1. Professional Connection

with the follower layout, you can connect with people who prefer to follow a business page rather than like a profile. This way, you get to keep your profile while having a professional layout and subsequently connecting with potential customers.

  1. Follow Button
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Your profile gets an awesome follow button for everyone who wishes to be your friend. Unless you block them, everybody who wishes to be your friend becomes a follower when your Follow button is open. You already know they get your public updates; you don’t have to friend them unless you wish to receive updates as well.

You should check out the Facebook help centre to get more information on changing your friends to followers on the platform.

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  1. Thanks for this article but something is missing. If am to create a Facebook page with the same name, will it automatically merge with my profile or do I need to do the merging separately? You didn’t explain that part.

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