How to Change Phone Number linked to your Bank Account in Nigeria

You may have the phone number linked to your bank account or you just need a change. In any case, irrespective of the bank the process is similar.

Many people in your shoes have asked:

  • How to change my Access bank phone number?
  • How to change my GT bank phone number online?
  • How to change my mobile number in Union Bank account?
  • How to change alert number in Zenith Bank online?

And many more.

How to Change bank account phone number online

The only option is going through the mobile app. Well, there’s no tap on the app that allows you to change your bank account linked phone number rather you have to contact customer support via the app.

When you do this, you’ll be given a form t download, fill and submit.

If you’ve access to a computer and a printer it can be the best option as it doesn’t require you to go to the bank to face the never-ending queue in the banking hall.

Alternatively, if you’ve got the time you can visit the banking hall. Ask for a change of phone number linked to your bank account. You’ll be given a form, fill it accordingly and submit. The change should take effect within 24hrs.

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