How to Check/Change BVN Date of Birth, Phone Number and other Details

Have you been seeking how to check/ change your BVN date of birth, phone number and other details? Look no further, this article would provide you with all the information you need on how to check or change your BVN phone number etc.

Before we proceed let’s look at what BVN is all about.

What is BVN?

BVN, which is Bank Verification Number is a unique 11-digit number issued by banks to control fraud and financial crimes. It serves as a person’s identification number in all banks across the country. When applying for a BVN, make sure the details you provide are correct and correspond with that of your bank account.

How can you Check your BVN Phone Number, Date of Birth and other details?

Firstly, to check your Bank Verification Number, dial *565*0# on any service provider and the 11-digit code would be displayed on your screen. Save the number and visit the bank you opened your account with or any of the branches.

You would then be able to check your BVN date of birth, phone number and other details at the bank. Note that you would be charged a fee of N20 which would be deducted from your mobile account balance for checking your BVN on your phone.

How can you Correct and Change Your BVN Details?

Bear in mind that you can only correct or change your BVN details at the bank you enrolled with. To change or update your BVN name, phone number and other details, you would require these documents:

  • Birth Certificate: This would be required if you want to correct your date of birth
  • Marriage Certificate: This would be required if you want correct details that changed due to marriage.
  • Government-issued ID card: This could be your international passport, voter’s card, driver’s license etc. You would be required to change your name or phone number.
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Your bank would inform you of other documents that would be required if any.


Caution has to be exercised when filling out forms when you want to open an account or a process that would require your BVN because any mistake you make can affect you later on. However, if the deed has been done, it can still be rectified by following the instructions provided in this article.

Recall that you can not check your BVN name, phone number and other details online as the database is secured and protected. Hence, do not dial any code or go to any website claiming to provide you with your BVN details as you may fall into the trap of scammers.

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