How To Delete Survey Junkie Account

Making money online has never gotten easier than this time. People can now make easy and legit money right from the comfort of their homes just by doing simple tasks online. Survey Junkie is one such platform that enables users to make money doing a simple task.

With survey junkie, users can earn a few bucks by simply answering survey questions on the platform. But more often than not, users do find this type of platform not great for use on a long-term basis. And so, knowing how to delete such an app becomes necessary.

There are a lot of reasons users might want to delete this platform, one is so as not to receive unwanted email newsletters anymore. Most users who do not use the platform anymore still get email newsletters which are always annoying and frustrating. But you need not worry anymore.

This post contains every detail you need to know about Survey Junkie. This includes, how the platform works, how to delete your account, and how to unsubscribe from the email list. You need to read through to get the whole detail well. Now, let’s start with what Survey Junkie is all about.

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is simply an online platform that allows users to make money in form of points by simply answering survey questions presented to them. Every survey question a user answer earns them some point which they can convert to money or use in buying gifts.

Known as a market research company, Survey Junkie Is legit and has paid thousands of users over the years. And yes, they do pay in dollars. They make money through the honest opinion of users. While this might seem confusing, it isn’t. Users answer survey questions and they get paid, it’s that simple.

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You must however note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Survey Junkie can’t make you a millionaire overnight. But it sure does pay its users after they’ve successfully carried out a survey. Again, users answer simple questions and get paid for their opinion.

How Survey Junkie works

Just like other survey sites online, survey junkie allows users to earn points from every survey they take on the platform. Each survey taken can earn users as many points as the survey being taken. The threshold for withdrawal is usually 10USD.

For every 1,000 points earned on surveys by users, they get paid 10USD in a gift card. That is once users earn a total of 1000 points, they are liable to get a withdrawal of 10USD in form of a gift card. Users can decide on what type of gift card they want. Or they can simply purchase gifts from the points.

How to unsubscribe from survey Junkie

There are numerous reasons why users might want to unsubscribe from the Survey Junkie email list. One of the reasons is to stop receiving unwanted emails from them. This can happen if you no longer use the platform.

Here are the steps needed to unsubscribe from the Survey Junkie Email list:

Step 1. Sign in to your email account.

Step 2. Locate the recent email received from a survey junkie.

Step 3. At the bottom of the email newsletter, look for the unsubscribe link.

Step 4. Click on the link

Step 5. Once done, your email should be unsubscribed from their list.

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Note that although you have unsubscribed from their email list, you still have an account from Survey Junkie. This means that your information and data are still on the platform. To get it out, you would have to delete your account from the platform.

How To Delete Survey Junkie Account

If deleting your account is something you want to do, here are the steps to take to delete your account from Survey Junkie.

It is important to mention that they are several ways you can take to delete your account from the platform. In this guide, we will only discuss the best ways to fully delete your account from the platform.

The first is through your email:

Step 1. Open your email account. Make sure it is the same email account you use in opening your Survey Junkie account.

Step 2. Locate and click on the send email icon. The email to send your message to is

Step 3. Fill in the subject area with the title – REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT

Step 4. Then move on to the message itself. You need to craft a simple message requesting them to delete your account along with all your personal information and data.

Within a few working days, you will receive a message from their team, confirming that your account has been successfully deleted from their database.

With this, your account would be deleted successfully from the database. And so you won’t have access to the account again since it is already deleted. For any reason, if you want to use survey Junkie again, you would have to create another account.

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