How to Download Protected Images on Chrome

You may have surfed the web at a time and you see an image very relevant to what you were searching for. You try to save the image to your PC or phone but get a message telling you that the image is protected or the owner hasn’t given you permission to download it.

What is a protected image?

Protected images are images whose creators or original owners prevent the free use of the image through direct download, sharing and copying. Creators might not permit the image to be accessible for download for reasons such as readjustment of the image, misuse of the image, theft (use of the image without crediting them), and adaptation of the image.

When images appear with a watermark,  copyright notice,  protection badge,  no “save image as” when right clicked on the image or low resolution of it appears when downloaded,  these are indications that they are protected.

At that point, you probably ask yourself whether it is possible you can download protected images. Thankfully, there are ways to download those images, and in this article, you’ll learn how to download protected images on chrome.

How to download Protected Images on Chrome

Consider these two ways when trying to download protected images on Chrome:

* Using the Developer tool extension

  1. First, you should go to the Chrome Webstore and install the “Developer tool extension.” This tool will give you some special access to web pages and files on websites.
  2. Now, you should open the webpage where the image you want is. After that, enable the Developer tool extension and a few options will be made available to you at the top of your chrome browser.
  3. Next, click on the “images” tab from the list of options provided by this tool and then select “view image information.”
  4. The image should open on a new page where it will be displayed in HD quality, which is the exact image quality uploaded by the owner. So, you can now right-click on the image and click on save to download it to your PC.
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* Using the PrtScr option on your keyboard

You can also download the protected image by using the PrtScr key. Follow these steps to do it.

  1. You first need to visit the website where the image is and ensure it is clearly displayed.
  2. Next, you should click on the PrtScr SysRq option on your keyboard. This will copy everything present on the screen at that moment. In this case, it will be the website and the image.
  3. Now, open the “Paint” app on your computer and press “Ctrl + V” to paste what you’ve previously copied into the app.
  4. Since the whole screen was copied, you probably don’t need another part of the website screen, except the image. Therefore, you can crop and cut the part you need and delete the unwanted part.
  5. Now that you’ve cropped the image to what you want, you should save it to your computer by pressing the “Ctrl + C” keys. And that’s it! You’ve successfully downloaded a restricted image to your computer.


When images are protected from downloads,  that does not mean that you can not still download them. The protection is just to deter you from getting your way quickly with the download. With the methods highlighted above, you can get your way around downloading a protected image and saving the image from a copyright-protected website.

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