How to Get Agent ID on GoTV (Easy!)

A lot of new GOtv users have been asking how to get their decoder agent ID. Well, just for a quick correction, what many refer to as the agent ID is actually the decoder ID. It’s a unique identifier for every GOtv decoder.

The agent or customer ID allows certain operations to be carried out on that particular decoder. For example, you can activate your recorder. So, if you were to buy a new GOtv decoder and you want it activated, you can call the GOtv customer center and provide your GOtv decoder ID. This will enable the customer care representative to activate and perform any necessary actions.

When subscribing to a plan, your agent ID is needed. Whether you visit a local GOtv representative or contact customer support, you will be asked to provide your customer ID.

Furthermore, if you need to check your balance or subscription expiry date at any point in time, you will need to provide your customer ID.

Finally, if you want to use the GOtv app, you can download it from the Play Store. During the sign-up process, you will be asked to supply your customer ID, which is also known as the agent ID.

So, you can see how important the agent ID is and the need for you to have it handy, just in case.

How to Get Agent ID on GoTV (Easy!)

Now, the good thing is that getting your agent ID is not difficult. The first place you can find it is on the back of your GOtv decoder. It is usually 10 digits long. You can copy it with your phone or take a photo of it to easily send it to the GOtv customer care center or use it on the app.

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Let’s say you don’t have the agent ID at the back of your decoder. You can still find it using your remote. Go to the menu, scroll to information, and select Central. Your agent ID will be displayed on the screen. It is that simple.

If you’re not comfortable with the suggestions above, you can easily visit your local GOtv representative with your decoder and ask for help.

That’s all you need to know about finding your GOtv agent ID.

Additionally, we advise you to download the GOtv app from the Play Store. It’s really simple to use the app for whatever you want to do, and you’re likely to find your agent ID at the back of your decoder, which makes it super fast to do whatever you need to do.

How to Activate my Agent ID without GoTV?

Look at it this way, the GOtv agent ID is the only way your GOtv decoder is identified. If you’re thinking of how to activate your decoder without its ID, you would have to call the customer center, which is quite inconvenient. It doesn’t make sense to want to activate your decoder without its ID. If the ID has been scratched off the back, you can use the “Information Center” to retrieve it. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can check the middle of this article I have provided steps on how to do it.

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