How to Get Rid of Green Veins Caused by Bleaching Cream

One of the most common side effects of bleaching creams is revealing green veins on the body of its users.

It’s usually not pleasing to the eyes and so many who have witnessed this have looked for ways to make the green veins disappear and their skins go back to what it was.

Before going further let’s be clear on what actually causes this. Is it really a side effect of the problem lies with how the creams are being used. Well, it’s more of how the cream is being used and I’ll explain.

Bleaching creams simply take away melanin from your skin, don’t forget, that melanin is the skin component that gives it its dark colour. As the amount of melanin reduces in your skin due to the usage of bleaching creams your skin becomes lighter which reveals more of what is behind it.

When this happens, your veins are more visible to the outside than ever before and the eyes see it to be green. With that said, veins are not green at all, it’s the combination of the blood it carries and the colour of the vein which is white that gives the green colour to the eyes.

So, green veins are most likely a result of the continuous use of bleaching cream. I’d say it’s an overuse because your body simply lost a lot of melanin and at a certain point was enough. Losing a lot more revealed too much of what is behind it.

I’ve done justice to that let’s get to the main concern here.

How to Get Rid of Green Veins Caused by Bleaching Cream

Follow the 3 suggestions below that might help:

  1. Stop using the cream immediately. This isn’t hard to understand why one has to stop using the cream as soon as green veins start showing on the skin. Failure to do this might worsen the situation.
  2. Avoid using another bleaching cream immediately. This side effect might not be tied to the particular bleaching cream you’re using at the moment. So, you might want to stay away from all bleaching creams and pick a cream that only maintains your skin freshness.
  3. Use recommended creams. There are a lot of creams on the market that are thought to be able to hide your veins from being too visible to the outside world. They call it “Green Veins Removal Cream” e.g the Kenacol for Green Veins. You can buy it on Jumia or Konga or any online store available at your location.


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