How to get Showtime on Amazon

Showtime is an American cable network with various channels and a streaming service. Owned by CBS and established in 1976, Showtime delivers different content across different platforms. It offers original TV series, movies, comedy shows, sports, etc. But how can you get all this goodness on Amazon? If this is your concern, then this article is for you. Here, we shall be showing you how to get Showtime on Amazon step by step.

How does Showtime Work?

Showtime comes in two categories: Showtime On Demand (or just Showtime) and Showtime Anytime. Showtime On Demand allows you to watch any content you choose on the cable channel. On the other hand, Showtime Anytime is a streaming app where users can subscribe to the cable channel or on-demand streaming service and make the most of their subscription. With your subscription to Showtime Anytime intact, you can watch your preferred content with any device you like at no extra charge. You can only access Showtime on Amazon prime if you choose Amazon as a platform.

How to Get Showtime on Amazon Prime

To get Showtime Amazon, you would need to add it as a service on your Amazon Prime. You can do this by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Amazon prime site on your browser or open the app. 

Step 2: Sign up by providing the relevant details if you are a new user or sign in if you already have an account. To sign up, you must enter your login details to log in to your account and add Showtime to it.

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Step 3: Click on your preferred Prime video on the app or webpage. You can make use of the search button to do this easily.

Step 4: Click on the option Choose Channels.

Step 5: You would then see a list of services or channels you can add to your account. Select Showtime to add it to your Prime account.

Step 6: Once you select Showtime, you will be directed to the available details page.

Step 7: Subscribe to the Showtime service and select the option to start a free trial. As a result, you would subscribe to Showtime but be given certain days off before your pay starts reading.

Step 8: Enter your account details to activate your subscription.

You can add Showtime on your Amazon prime on your computer, iPhone or Android. However, for Android, you would need to select the show you want to add to Showtime, add it to Watchlist, and the View your TV shows.


If you are looking for where to get the best TV shows and channels, you can’t go wrong with Showtime. And the good news is you can add Showtime to your Amazon prime in just a few steps, which have already been shown above. Remember that the monthly Showtime subscription is $11, and you would be allowed a seven-day free trial before you start using it properly.

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