How to Increase Daily Transfer Limit in Nigeria Banks

There are limits put different bank account in Nigeria. These limits can come depending on the type of account and the level of verification of the account owner.

For instance, one tie I received a hundred and twenty thousand in my Access Bank account created way when I was in school it was student account. Immediately the account was restricted, I couldn’t perform any transaction.

I chatted with the support through the app there I was told that I need to upgrade my account. Also, note that before the upgrade I couldn’t perform a transaction above 100k at a trance.

Often people ask questions like:

How do I increase y transfer limit on Union bank?

How do I increase y daily transfer limit on Access bank?

How to increase First bank daily transfer limit?

In any bank you’re using, the best way to increase the transfer limit is to visit the banking hall and ask for the process. It’s likely you’ll be asked to upgrade your account. In y case, I was asked to provide y NIN card and a utility bill (for example PHCH receipt).

Another way would be to upgrade through the app and of course, it’s possible but you will have to chat with the support and scan and upload required files don’t forget you’ll have to fill an online form.

With all that, I think it will be helpful we know the transfer limits of popular banks.

Access Bank allows a maximum of ₦200,000 for the USSD code, ₦2,000,000 sent ₦500,000 per transaction for the mobile app.

First bank allows a maximum of ₦100,000 for USSD code, for non-token users ₦500,000, token users ₦1,000,000. Can be increased to ₦5,000,000

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