How to Make Anime Pictures (10 best apps for doing this)

One of the fun parts of having a smartphone is taking pictures with the camera. At times, we love to be creative with the pictures by modifying the colour, background, and the way we look and this makes some people add filters to their pictures. Another effect that can be done to pictures is to convert them into anime pictures.


What are anime pictures?


Anime pictures are animated caricature art versions of our pictures. They are pictures created after effects of artistic animation effects are done to our pictures. This artistic animation effect is the Japanese style. The Japanese first created anime pictures. Pictures are modified with changed settings\ background and colourful graphics. 


Attributes of anime pictures include large eyes, coloured big hair, and reflective highlights. There is more emphasis on the face in anime pictures. Age group and reason for the picture are factors that are considered which determine how the anime pictures turn out to be. The reason for the picture is the message the picture portrays, this includes the action and emotion of the character in the picture.

There is less focus on animation of the movement of the image in anime pictures. An anime picture could have some sequence of motion and it may not. 



How to turn pictures into animes 


Many apps have made it easy for us to easily convert our pictures to animes and be creative with our pictures by expressing different shades of colour, settings, and emotions with our anime pictures.


Below are the 10 best apps to turn pictures into anime:


(1) Snapchat: Snapchat supports the creation of anime-style pictures and videos. To turn your pictures to anime in Snapchat first, download and install Snapchat,

– open the app and create a Snapchat account

– tap the ‘explore’ button at the bottom right of the screen and enter “anime style” at the search bar.

– different options are displayed, click on ‘ Anime style’

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– take a selfie or upload a picture. It then converts to the ‘Anime style’

– you can save the result on your phone. 

(2). TwinFace:

This app enables you to convert your picture, your friends, and your family’s pictures into anime pictures. It’s a free app. It uses 2D art for converting pictures to animes. However, this app does not work with beards. TwinFace works mainly for the face not for the whole body. It works only on android. 


To use TwinFace, first, download the app, install and open it. It doesn’t work offline and so you need an internet connection each time you need to use it. Your anime picture is saved to your gallery and you can share them on social media, use as profile pictures and share them with friends.


(3) Reface app:

Reface is a face-swapping app. Not only the face can be animated with this app, including memes, paintings, and portraits. It works for both android and iPhones. 

To use, download and install the app.

Next, open the app, and tap the plus (+) icon at the down of the screen. It displays different functions, click ‘Animate Image’.

It takes you to the gallery. You select the picture you want to work on and if you don’t have any, it allows you to take a new selfie.

Next, pop-up animation varieties come up after the selection of the picture. 

Select your preference and click ‘Reface’.

It shows you the result, the anime picture. 

However, the watermark of the app will be there. You will need to purchase a pro-version to remove the watermark.


(4) Prism photo editor: this is another app that can be used to turn your picture into anime. It has photo editing features and tools to turn your pictures into animes, sketch style, artwork, and different cartoon effects. You can turn off the watermark for converted pictures. As a photo editing app, you can adjust your anime picture by adjusting filter strength and can use multiple effects.

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(5) Anime face changer: this is a free app to download and convert your pictures to animes. To us, upload your picture and choose the effect you want as displayed on the app screen. Selfies can be changed to cartoon characters and anime stickers. You can share these stickers on your social media.


(6) Sketch drawing photo editor: this works for android only. It is a free app that transforms pictures into anime pictures. To use, download and stall the app, take a new selfie, or upload your picture from your gallery

– then select the effect for your picture, like highlights, colour, light, and your other preferences.

– save the delivered effects and click ‘apply to selected pictures’

– the app processes the picture and converts it to your designed anime.


(7)ToonMe app: with this app, you can cartoon yourself. It is a free app. To use the ToonMe app to convert your picture to an anime picture, download and install the app. Open the app and select a photo from your gallery. The app screen displays by itself different cartoon versions of the photo. Click the displayed cartoons by checking them all, and save your preference.


(8) Comics and Cartoon maker: this app creates animes and meme-like images for your selfie and photos. You can also add text to the anime image as a form of speech coming from the anime character. It’s a free app when an advertiser is allowed. If you don’t want ads displayed while using the app, you can upgrade by paying some fees. Users can choose different colour effects, either white or black or coloured photos. 


(9)Avatoon: Avatoon is available for both Android And iPhone users. Anime characters from the app can be made into stickers and shared through WhatsApp to friends and social media profiles like Instagram., Facebook and Pinterest.


(10)Picsarts: to use Picsarts, download the app. On the homepage is a plus sign (+), click on it. It will bring up different options, among them is “All photos”, click on it, then tab ‘Background”, It will display varying types of background to compliments your photo. Choose the one you most prefer.

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 Next, click ‘Add photo’, and it takes you to your gallery. Pick the photo you want to use the chosen background for. 

Next, click on ‘ Effect’ to change the different adjustments to the photo, this includes the colour, the thickness of lines, and highlighted sections. Then click ‘Apply’. All effects will apply to your anime character.


To turn pictures into anime drawings online


Anime drawing is creating sketch-like effects for photos. It’s a graphic design art of creating anime characters with sketch-drawn lines. The sketch captures the action of the character and expresses the emotion. While pictures can be turned into anime drawings by sketching on paper, they can also be done digitally with some apps. The apps will digitally turn pictures into anime. These apps have several filters with different effects that can be applied to the photos and create your desired modification. 


The following apps can be used:


Ibis Paint: this app has over 70 filters, 800 text fonts, 4,500 brushes, and 26 blending modes. Users can also record the drawing processes. It’s a free app.


Jump Paint: This is another free app. Anime drawing can be sketched with desired different lines and image composition. It supports the composition of stories of different anime sketched characters. 


Clip Studio Pro: this is a paid app to use for sketching anime pictures. But it offers three months of free trials for new users. This app can be used with other graphics apps to enhance the expressiveness of your anime charter. It has thousands of brushes, shapes, and line adjustments. 


Other similar apps are GoArt, BeCasso, Medi Bang Paint, and Chalk

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