How To Make Friends Lists Private On Facebook 2023

Facebook is a popular social media platform whereby people make friends and connect worldwide; however, you might not want everyone to see who you are connecting with or are friends with. If you have been wondering how to make your friends list private on Facebook, this article will guide your steps.

How To Make Friends Lists Private On Facebook 2022

1) Open the Facebook App on your phone 

2) Then tap the three buttons at the top right of the Facebook App.

3) Go to ‘settings and privacy’ and click ‘settings.’

4) Scroll down to ‘Audience and Visibility’ and tap ‘How People Find And Contact You.’

5) Tap on ‘Who can see your friends list?’ When tapped, you will see the following options: ‘Public,’ ‘Your friends on Facebook,’ ‘Don’t show some of my friends,’ ‘Specific Friends,’ and ‘Only Me.’

These are the meaning of the options displayed: 

•Public- everyone can see your friends list.

•Your friends on Facebook -only your friend on Facebook will be able to see your friends list; any other Facebook users won’t have access to it.

• Don’t show some of my friends- in this case, you want everyone to see your friends list except some specific people, and you can specify who shouldn’t have access to your friend list

•Specific friends- you can enter the names of the specific friends that you want them to have asses to your friends list.

•Only me -This hides your friend list from everyone, including your friends on Facebook.

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7) Next, select the audience of people you want to have asses to see your friends list. Since you are making your friends lists private, you can choose ‘Only me,’ and the other options aside from ‘Public’, depending on your preference.

However, people may still be able to detect who your friends are in other ways, such as seeing who their mutual friends are when they visit your Facebook page also if you’re also friends with them and have added them to the Close friends list people can also see your friendship on another profile. Also, they might be able to guess if someone tagged you on a post or commented on your photos or videos.

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