How to Make Glassdoor Profile Private

Glassdoor is well known for being a reputable job listing platform. The job board has an extensive database of jobs, business reviews, and valuable information to help job seekers apply and land a job.

Glassdoor provides employers with efficient recruitment and employer branding solutions. Thousands of customers and partners rely on them to help them market their employer brand to job seekers and publicize their openings to suitable prospects who may not be aware of them.

The quality of job applicants they provide and the effect on candidates’ judgments as they study jobs and organizations set Glassdoor apart from other recruitment platforms.

Unlike many job boards, Glassdoor values the privacy of its job seekers and employers, and they take great satisfaction in maintaining their users’ confidentiality. Users can set their profile to private, choosing which information other people can see about them. So if you are looking for how to make your Glassdoor profile private, then stick with us.

How to Make Glassdoor Profile Private

  • Go to your profile
  • Select profile
  • Select the manage profile gear icon
  • To set your profile visibility, select “viewable by employers” or “hide from employers”

Obviously, the “hide from employers” keeps your profile private.

Let’s consider other questions asked by Glassdoor users.

Is Glassdoor useful for job seekers?

Yes. It’s a really useful tool for individuals looking for the ideal organization and job to apply for. Individuals can also submit reviews and rate previous employers without being afraid that their identity will be revealed, thereby helping companies know where they are doing well and where they need modifications.

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Is Glassdoor useful for employers?

Employers value Glassdoor because it helps them find applicants who can handle the nature of any jobs posted on their website. Employers can also see ratings and reviews about their company and use that information to make changes where they have issues.

Pros of Glassdoor

Glassdoor has a plethora of advantages:

  • It provides job listings for individuals looking for jobs.
  • It helps employers find suitable candidates.
  • This website is unique because it is the only website where you may anonymously evaluate businesses and find interview questions.
  • Reviews are always double-checked before being published to guarantee impartiality, and rules are laid out to prevent false submissions.
  • Negative evaluations are exceedingly tough to come by, and there is no lowest-rated business chart or anything like that. This makes it more equitable for businesses to avoid being slandered or disparaged.
  • It offers a simple layout with easy navigation and headlines and a visually appealing style.

Cons of Glassdoor

  • Jobseekers must either submit a review of their previous employer or reveal the salary range paid by their former employer before they will be able to apply for jobs.


Glassdoor is without a doubt a reliable website where employers can post jobs and find qualified candidates, and it is an avenue that helps job seekers acquire jobs and also get interview questions which will help them easily scale through interviews.

To set your profile to private all you need to do is to go to your profile and select profile visibility, then choose hide from employers, and that’s all.

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