How to make your Snapchat a subscription

Snapchat is one of the most widely used social media apps, and it cuts across all age groups and is accessible globally. Brands, organizations, celebrities, government agencies, companies, and everyday people use Snapchat to connect, relate, engage, inform, educate and entertain. Having subscribers to receive content from your social media account is always a boost to your online presence.

The subscription on Snapchat is free. Content from subscribed accounts is publicly displayed and is not only for friends or selected people. Snapchat accounts with a subscription can also post additional details to their profile like bio and description. People subscribe to Snapchat accounts to keep up with new posts and content from their favourite creators or brands so that they can watch all their uploads. When people subscribe to a Snapchat account, stories from the account will appear in their Subscription feed within the Snapchat app. The subscribed account uploads and posts are separate from the Friends Stories feed, the Discover feed, and individual and group chat messages.

A “Subscribe” button on Snapchat offers many benefits to creators and brands. It increases the fan base. It’s a medium to inform the public of upcoming events and information on new music, movies, exhibitions, competitions, and shows. It creates an engaging public channel for brands and creators with their fans. For creators, having a “Subscribe” button enables their accounts to be monetized by drawing the attention of brands to showcase their products and services to the subscribers. And for brands, it creates an online medium to publicly inform the public about the brands, their products, and services and serves as a public relations page between the brands and their customers.

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To make your Snapchat a subscription, you must have a “Subscribe” button. And to get a subscribe button on Snapchat, your Snapchat account has to be a public profile account.

To Make Your Snapchat A Public Profile Account 2022

For a Snapchat account to be a public profile, you must first adhere to some Snap chat guide rules and regulations. These include an age requirement of eighteen years minimum, 

you already have a Snapchat 

account, have friends who have also added you as friends and must have agreed to the Snapchat Community guidelines.

Follow the following steps to make your Snapchat a public profile account:

  • Log in to your Snapchat account 
  • Click “Create Public profile.”
  • Tab “Get started.”
  • Click on “Create”
  • Click “My public profile.”
  • Tab “Edit profile.”
  • Click “Add a Profile photo.”
  • Click “Show Subscriber count.”

Then click on the “Preview Profile” button. This will show how your profile is displayed to the public. You will see the “Subscribe” button on your profile account.

However, there could be instances where users cannot see the “create public profile” option on their Snapchat account app screen. This could be because the account does not meet the basic requirements for having a public account.  

Having a public account will enable you to create a Snapchat Creator Account, but you must first have 100 subscribers. Even with regular content and subscribers, Snapchat automatically upgrades accounts to a Creator Account. 

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