How to Pay for Apple Music in Nigeria

Let’s say you’ve been on Apple’s music free trial for 3 months and at this point, you’re glued. If you’ve decided to continue, then it’s time to pay the ₦900 monthly fees. Fast forward, you’re on the payment page but your card gets declined, not once but multiple times. That’s frustrating!

Well, it’s relieving to know that you’re not the only one in this boat. So many Nigerians are stuck trying to pay for Apple music.

The problem is the card, the Apple payment processor does not accept cards issued by some Nigerian banks but I have a solution which I’m going to share with you.

Let’s get to it.

How to Pay for Apple Music in Nigeria 2022

I’ve got 2 solutions for you readers.

Use a VISA Card

I tried paying with a few Mastercards and they all got declined. Then I tried my Access bank VISA card and it went through. You might be one of those including myself who thought Mastercards was the best for paying online but on this one VISA card saved the day. It need not be an Access bank VISA card but if you can access it fine. Other bank VISA cards work fine on subscribing to Apple music in Nigeria.

Use a Virtual Card

Barter card by Flutterwave is designed to pay merchants. Another card is the Alat card by WEMA bank. All these are virtual cards, you can fund them from your main Nigerian bank account and use them to pay for things online.

To get Barter by Flutterwave click HERE.

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To get ALAT by Wema bank click HERE.

Other questions asked by people with this problem:

Does Kuda Bank card work on Apple Music?

No. Though it’s a virtual card it doesn’t just work on Apple music.

Does Apple music accept Verve Cards?

Can’t say for all Verve but didn’t work for the few Verve cards I tried. Your best bet is a VISA card.

Nigerian bank cards that work with Apple Music: Any bank VISA card will work I tried Access bank VISA card it worked. A few Mastercards will work too.

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