How to Pay for Youtube Music in Nigeria

Nigerian music is a priority for YouTube as there’re lots of ear-banging sweet tunes available in the country’s industry. Just as other music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer etc, YouTube Music has thousands of official versions of albums, songs, playlists and others.

It also includes YouTube’s remix catalogues, covers, live performances and videos that are all organized in one place. In fact, most artistes are more likely to post their songs on YouTube before any other platform. In November 2015, the YouTube Music app was launched. However, in 2018, a more recent version of the app was released. This app is now popular in more than 70 countries around the world including Africa.

Since March 2020, YouTube Music has been available in Nigeria which is its second African market after South Africa. The company which is owned by Google has also launched an ad-free service, YouTube Premium. Thus, in this article, we would be showing you what YouTube Music is all about, how to access it, and the different plans for YouTube premium.

How To Pay For YouTube Music in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria you can pay for the subscription plan of your choice through your debit card from any commercial bank.

Step 1. Open your Youtube Music app.

Step 2. Look at the bottom left corner of the app’s interface and tap on “Upgrade

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Step 3. You have the choice of picking the individual plan or family plan. Tap “GET FREE MONTH” that’s for the individual plan or you can choose the “family membership” which saves you money.

Step 4. The next page shows you where to put your card details. As said earlier, any bank card in Nigeria works perfectly.

Step 5. Tap on “Buy”.

If you’ve already tried paying with your ATM card without success then you need to use the service of where they offer Paypal payment services, you can also call 08104094348 which is Paydula’s contact number.

That’s all. You’re good to go!

How to Access YouTube Music in Nigeria

As earlier stated, YouTube Music is similar to other music platforms like Spotify, Deezer and the likes. Hence to access YouTube Music, you need to visit Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS respectively to download the app. Then you would have to sign up with your details.

You would also need to select the artistes you prefer, to customize your experience on the app and help the app recommend your kind of songs. There are playlists for different moods and events. Local playlists from different parts of Nigeria are also included. On the app, you would also find recommended videos, throwback albums from your favourite artists and the music library. The library contains downloaded songs, recently played songs and your playlist among others.

YouTube Premium and Monthly Subscription Plans

As earlier stated, YouTube Premium gives users an enjoyable experience without ads popping up. Users also gain access to YouTube Originals and Music. Even though you can have access to the YouTube app for free, you would not be able to operate some features.

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The following are YouTube Music Premium Subscription Plans:

  • The Individual Plan: This costs N900($2.45) per month.
  • The Family Plan: This covers up to six users and costs N1,400($3.80).

If you’re a first time user you get the first month free and will be charged accordingly in the subsequent months.

You should be careful before picking a plan as it’s impossible to switch midway to another plan.


YouTube Music is a service for streaming official songs, videos and playlists among others. Although you can access YouTube Music for free, there is a limit to the features you have access to.

This is why YouTube released their Premium version, where you have to pay to access amazing features on YouTube which include but are not limited to an ad-free experience, saving videos to watch offline, playing videos in the background etc. We hope this article has assisted you in understanding what YouTube Music is all about and the different plans you can opt for.

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