How to Solve Binance Facial Verification Fail

Cryptocurrency trading is now the new norm and a lot of people are seemingly gaining more interest in the industry. Crypto platforms are the next huge thing in the industry. People use these platforms in trading their crypto assets with others, and so the demand for these platforms keeps increasing.

There are many popular crypto platforms out in the market and choosing the best one can prove to be a challenge. The Binance platform Is one of the popular ones with thousands of users trading daily. But more often than not, users have to go through a verification process before approval to use the platform.

This verification process ensures that the Binance Platform remains safe for all users, therefore limiting the activities of scammers on the platform. The downside of this verification process is that most users find it difficult to get verified on the platform.

And so, in this post, we want to see ways to solve the issue of failed facial verification on the finance platform. Without passing the facial verification process, you can’t use the Binance platform for trading. The information in this post should help you solve the Binance facial verification issue.

Before we get into the issue of facial verification failure, let’s start with how to set up your Binance account successfully.

Binance Account Set Up

Follow these steps to set up your Binance account

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Locate the register icon on your screen and click on it.

Step 3. Next, provide your email address and password.

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Step 4. Click to agree on their terms and policies.

Step 5. Tap on create account

Step 6. To identify that you are human, simply solve the puzzle provided.

Step 7. A message is sent to your email. Open and verify your account and you are good to go.

Binance Facial Verification

Every user who wishes to use the Binance platform has to go through the Binance Facial verification process. It is one of the many verification protocols by the platform. This ensures that every user is accounted for and has an identity.

The verification protocol ensures that the platform is safe for all users. This, therefore, limits the activities of scammers on the platform. But more often than not, the verification process gets complicated and some users are not able to successfully verify their identity.

If you are facing such problems too, then you should read through this blog post carefully as it contains the information you need to help with the Binance Facial Verification process. Most users do not get to this stage due to the numerous verification protocol by the Binance platform.

If you are at this stage of the verification process and you are kind of having issues, then read through this guide completely, and apply the exact steps. If you follow through, your account should get verified in no time.

Here are the steps for a successful Binance facial verification process;

Step 1. Get the Binance app from your device app store.

Step 2. Open the app and locate and click “account”.

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Step 3. Next, on the screen, click on scan.

Step 4. Scan the QR code with your camera.

Step 5. Follow directions on the screen and take a clear selfie/portrait of yourself.

Step 6. Once done, your account should be verified.

Reasons for failed Binance Facial Verification

Most users have given up on the Binance platform due to this facial verification failure. Most users believe the platform is faulty and doesn’t work like others. And most think the verification process is too lengthy and frustrating.

See it as you want to, the Binance platform is taking no chance with letting unidentified users get on its platform. It is aware of the threat of having unidentified people on the platform. And, the numerous verification processes are only there to make the platform safe for everyone.

The verification processes of the Binance platform are straightforward only if you follow instructions. Most people do a lot of wrong things and don’t get verified. And this is completely their fault. Below, I will briefly discuss the reasons most users the Binance Facial Verification process.

Here are some possible reasons why your Binance facial verification process isn’t successful.

  1. Omitting a step or two in the Binance facial verification process.
  2. Taking the required selfie/portrait with a filter.
  3. A blurry facial picture of yourself.
  4. No Internet connection during the uploading process.
  5. Mistaken details provided.
  6. Provision of false identity details.

Final Thoughts

The Binance platform is one of the best in the crypto industry, and a lot of users want to get on the platform. But to keep the platform safe for all, the Binance team created multiple verification processes to make sure that every user is legit and real.

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Facial verification is one of those verification processes where people are having a lot of issues on. But most of the time, the fault is often from the users and not the platform. Go through this post and see how you can solve the Binance facial verification issue.

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