How to Toast a Girl Face to Face in Nigeria

Every girl has what they want to see in a guy and if you appear the way they want you’ve passed the first test.

Toasting a Nigerian girl face to face isn’t difficult but it is not as easy as toasting her online. It is not easy for new guys in the game. You might feel nervy and not sure of what to say. If you’re feeling that way then I’m here to help.

Read on! As your solution lies below.

First, before we go down to how to toast a Nigerian girl there are things you need to know:

1) For her to even make out time for both of you to see that’s a good sign but doesn’t guarantee acceptance, though.

2) Most girls already know their answer even before they come out to see you.

3) Don’t expect a good answer that day. And also, she may say yes without saying yes or no without saying no. Just say everything you want to say and see her treatment towards you afterwards.

Let me add this very important piece: Don’t ask a girl out in the first meeting maybe by the road but rather ask for her number or how to see her again.

Now, let’s go down to the kind of things you should start by saying and how to carry yourself.

How to Toast a Girl Face to Face in Nigeria

  1. A comfortable place

Propose a comfortable place you guys can meet and talk. As much as some girls will like you to take them to a nice place of somewhat high taste, you don’t have to if you can’t afford it.

What you should look out for when taking her out is a place with fewer eyes so you can express yourself without anyone other than her looking at you. The place should be quiet with no loud music so she can hear what you say.

  1. Be calm and try to put on a serious facial expression

I can tell you one thing about myself I found out later in my life. When talking to a girl I can be very serious but my face will say otherwise. My face and the way I smile when saying important things don’t help. Please don’t be that guy. Try to show that you’re serious.

  1. Say what she wants to hear at every point

On most occasions, she’s going to say something maybe ask questions as she does you should be able to imagine her worry or doubt and tell her what will be a good answer to her questions or what will put her worries to rest.

Take this from me: Every girl so far who’s not in love with anyone has questions, worries, and expectations she wants to be met before giving out her heart.

Note when I say “she’s not in love” she could be in a relationship but not in love. If you have an answer to what her heart wants then you win that heart.

  1. Make eye contact as it makes you look serious

You could be a little shy but try to make her see the seriousness in your eyes. Look at her eyes and don’t shy away while the words you tell mean you’re the answers to all her questions and you’re safe for her.

That’s it with how to toast a Nigerian girl face to face.

You wouldn’t help but notice one thing. The above scenario is perfect when you’re going for a decent girl, a girl who isn’t just after material things. Well, it’s going to be difficult to know from the onset that she’s for what you can offer but in due time you’ll know.

For you that want a girl, it’s wise to see her class if it’s what you can handle. If she’s fashion-oriented you know she’s likely to come with her demands to keep looking good. Even though not all girls in Nigeria push most of their expenses to their men most of them do.

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