How to Verify Binance Account in Nigeria (Complete Guide)

Crypto is a huge industry and making money off it has just gotten better than ever. A lot of people are interested in the industry, hence the demand for safe trading platforms. Binance is one of the popular crypto platforms with thousands of users trading their crypto assets on the platform.

You can make money on the Binance platform but first, you have to be verified before you are allowed access. There are several verification levels on the Binance platform. The level of your verification will also determine how many transactions can be made on the platform.

Binance account verification

For the safety of all and sundry, the Binance platform ensures that all users on its platform are verified. You must therefore go through the verification process before gaining access to the platform. This could be lengthy and stressful, but believe me, it is well worth the time.

As one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, it is only wise that these verification protocols are in place to keep the platform safe for everyone. But how do I get my account verified?

If you want to verify your Binance account, This guide will take you through the required steps you need to take. All you need is to follow the steps below and provide your ID card and you should be good to go. But first, you will have to register on the Binance app. Go to and register.

Binance account verification

Levels of verification

Level 1 verification – Filling out the necessary information about your identity. This is the starting point of everything.

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Level 2 verification – Authentication of your address.

Level 3 – Verifying your account

Steps to verify your account

Level 1

Step 1. Go to your phone app store and get the Binance app. Open it and register with your email and password. After successful login, locate the user center and start the verification process of your identity.

Step 2. On the top right of the homepage, locate an icon and click on it. Then tap on identification, next on verified as a new user. You will be shown options of verification and their deposit and withdrawal limits.

Step 3. Tap on start to begin the verification process.

  • Fill in your personal information – Government-issued ID, facial recognition.
  • Fill in your personal information – proof of address Email, phone number, full name, date of birth, residential address.

All information you supply must be the same as that on your Government-issued ID. Anything false will lead to a failed registration process.

Step 4. Snap and upload your ID card document both front and back. Accepted include;

  • Government-issued ID card
  • International passport
  • Drivers’ license
  • National identification number (NIN)
  • voters’ card

Adhere to every instruction for an easy upload of your ID.

Step 4. Identity verification.

  • Facial capturing – Blink your eyes multiple times. Take the selfie in an illuminated environment. Not going by these instructions can cause you the verification process. Lastly, allow camera access on your device. It’s just camera access nothing else.

Step 5. Finish the process by going through all the information you provided and ensuring they are all correct and not false.

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Level 2

Once you are done with level 1 verification, level 2 follows. Things required for level 2 include the following.

  • Proof of address document – bank statement, utility bill, electricity, water, waste disposal, internet, and other important documents.

Level 3.

Source of the wealth declaration form.

Once you get level 2 completed, level 3 comes next. Here you will have to provide information on the source of the wealth declaration form. It requires information on your source of wealth.

How long will I wait to get verified?

After you have gone through all verification levels and provided the required information and hit submit, it will take about 3 to 7 working days to get an answer from the Binance team.

If you provide all the necessary information, then you should not be worried about approval. You will receive a response from the Binance team and then you can begin using the platform.

Final Thoughts

Verifying your Binance account should not be hard work. Once you follow every step in this guide, you should easily get your Binance account verified in days. Binance is a huge exchange platform and it won’t for any reason limit its approval standards.

If you want to get on the platform and start trading your crypto assets, then you must verify your account. And this includes filling in the right information. Any false information that does not match that of your Government approved ID card then you can be certain your account won’t get approved.

And lastly, use a clear camera when taking a selfie for facial verification. A lot of users have found it difficult to get verified because of facial recognition issues. But if you adhere to the instructions in this guide you should be good.

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