How to Withdraw Money from Lucky Mall

This is another article on Asknaij answering some questions bothering the lottery platform called Lucky Mall aka Lucky Win.

Questions that will be answered include:

  • How to withdraw on Lucky Mall seeing that is the most questions asked?
  • How to earn on Luck Mall?
  • How long does withdrawal take?
  • What’s the minimum withdrawal on lucky win/lucky mall?

Before we continue, I must point out that Lucky Mall (Lucky Win) has one of the worst mobile apps out there from my experience. Why does the app always give a blank page. So, if you’re having difficulties using the app know that you’re not alone. I personally have turned to using the website.

How to withdraw on Lucky Mall

As a registered member of Lucky Mall, once you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit of #10,000.00, you can withdraw your money directly into your bank account.

On the app or website, go to the “Withdraw” tap and click on then input your account details. Input the amount you want to withdraw and click on “Withdraw”

How to win on lucky Mall

In order to qualify to play for an item, you must be a registered member of Lucky Mall, otherwise know as Lucky Win. Thankfully you can register with just your phone number.

Before continuing, read below:

“Your membership allows us to more accurately identify users and avoid the possibility of false entries. Users are expressly authorized by lucky win  to accept each game entered as an entry out of free will and such entry validated by your payment is not refundable.”

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I believe you understand the above. Now, to win an item on Lucky Win you first log in, then tap on the desired item, there you can bid for it. The minimum bid for an item is 50. Of course, you can have more than one bid on an item and the more you bid the more your chances of winning.

All winners on LUCKY WIN,  immediately after the winning is randomly  selected,  Automatic text are sent to all users who win in a specific Raffle Draw.

Winners will lose their won items including cash prizes if they fail to provide necessary validation information towards claiming their prizes within 48 hours.

How to Deposit on Lucky Win

You can enter a valid game by paying for your codes through your funded Wallet. You can top up your Wallet through Bank Transfer or Direct Debit Card Transactions.


What’s the minimum withdrawal on lucky win/lucky mall?

The minimum withdrawal on this platform in every VIP package that u subscribe to is #10,000.00

How long does withdrawal take?

All withdraws on this platform takes a minimum of 2-7 working days.

If you have any question concerning this platform do well to ask in the comment box.

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