How to Write Application Letter for Post of a Sales Person in a Pharmacy

In this post, I want to help you write a proper application letter for a pharmacy sales person job. Due to the job’s critical nature, you’re required to have gone through proper training with sufficient experience. Without these 2 you don’t stand a chance of getting employed.

You should include state clearly your training and experience in the letter. Also, include necessary copies of your certificates.

With that said, let’s see an example of pharmacy application letter.

Your full name

Your house address


Your phone number


The Manager of (Pharmacy name) Name

Pharmacy Address

Dear Sir/Madam (use either Sir or Madam),


My name is (your full name) and I’m an indigene of (your local government, your state). I am (your age) years old and have completed my (state your certificate, where you acquired  your training(s), years of experience here).

I’m also a computer literate which makes suitable for keeping inventory and more.

I came across your advertisement looking for a pharmacy attendant (it could be any job title in the pharmacy) and I’m interested hence me writing this application letter.

I promise to give my best if given positive consideration.

Yours faithfully

(Your name)

(Your signature)

Don’t forget it must be a formal letter as the above sample. The sample above is basic you know your experiences, you know your training route just be sure to include them.

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