Jaiz Bank Code (*773#): How to Transfer Money

Do you want to know the Jaiz bank code for transfers or you want to know how to make effective use of this code for all online transaction.

Worry no more!

In this article, we shall walk you through everything you need to know about Jaiz bank code and how to use it to make money transfers, check account balance, buy airtime and data bundles, open account and pay bills etc.

So get a glass of chilled water and sit back while I show you all you need to know about this unique Jaiz bank USSD code.

Jaiz bank, an Islamic non-interest bank is a Nigeria commercial Bank licensed by CBN which is a public company owned by over 26, 000 shareholders.

This makes Jaiz bank one of the best choices for any customer who’s Looking for quality banking services.

The Jaiz Bank Code is a quick and easy way to transfer money between your account and another person’s account.

To use the code, simply dial *773# on your phone and follow the prompts.

To get a full detail and procedures on how to make use this Jaiz bank USSD code.

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It is no longer a story nowadays that banking is now becoming easy and convenient compared to years back.

How did it happen?

Just by the introduction of a unique USSD code one can do all banking operations without visiting any bank branch for assistance.

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With this Jaiz bank developed a USSD code which we be used by all Jaiz bank users for better banking experience.

This unique code was letter approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Jaiz Bank Code (*773#) we help you transfers money between Jaiz Bank accounts instantly and free of charge.

It’s a quick and easy way to move money around when you need it, whether you’re repaying a friend or business partner or splitting the cost of something with someone else.

This code works for all mobile devices be it Android, iOS or Windows and is also available for all Network providers i.e MTN, Glo, Smile, Airtel or 9Mobile.

And the code was made available for those who are using mobile devices that can’t get access to Jaiz bank mobile application.

Some of the unique uses of the Jaiz bank code include:

  1. Opening of Account
  2. Transfer of money
  3. Activation of USSD code
  4. Checking of account balance
  5. Buying of airtime and data bundles
  6. Paying of PHCN and DStv bills
  7. Creating of new 4 digit PIN
  8. Blocking of ATM card etc

How to Activate or Register for Jaiz bank transfer code?

Before you start making use of Jaiz bank code for transfer you need to register or activate it.

To register or activate the Jaiz bank code, follow the procedures below:

  1. Dial *773# using your phone number linked with Jaiz bank
  2. On the onscreen prompt, input your details
  3. Generate a new 4 digit PIN
  4. Confirm the PIN
  5. You’ve successfully activated the Jaiz bank code for transfer.

Requirements you will need to activate Jaiz bank USSD code.

  1. A mobile device
  2. A network service provider i.e MTN, Glo, Smile, Airtel or 9Mobile
  3. A number linked or used in opening the Jaiz bank account
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How to Transfer money?

To transfer money from your Jaiz bank account to any other bank you need to know that Jaiz bank have 2 different code for making money transfer.

Listed below are the mode of transfer for JAIZ BANK and they include:

  1. Intra bank money transfer (transfer from your account to another Jaiz bank transfer)
  2. Inter bank money transfer (transfer from your account to other bank)

To transfer money via Jaiz bank, you need to dial*773# using your mobile number linked with your account.

Then follow the onscreen prompt to complete the following transaction.

NOTE: If you where unable to transfer money using Jaiz bank code for transfer, you need to accept the fact that JAIZ BANK Plc is having issue with the USSD code.

You can consider using the mobile application to make money transfer.

How to transfer money using Jaiz Bank Mobile Application?

Another convenient method Jaiz bank users can use to make money transfer is via Jaiz bank mobile application.

You can carry out all banking transaction just with a simple click you’re done.

This application is available for both Android (play store), iOS (apple store) and window users (window store).

To download via Google play store you need to have a device of at least Android version 5.0 and for iOS 13.0.

To transfer money or funds via Jaiz bank mobile application follow the procedures below:

  1. Download and launch the application
  2. Create a free account or login using your User ID and Password
  3. Enter your personal details i.e (Date of birth and debit card)
  4. Navigate to the transfer money tab to complete your money transfer

What you can do with Jaiz bank Mobile Application

  1. 1.Account activities (Account balance, Transaction history)
  2. Buying of Airtime and data bundles
  3. 2.Instant funds Transfer to your other account, other Jaiz Bank accounts and third party Bank accounts
  4. 3.Cheques (Confirm Cheque and Stop Cheque)
  5. 4.Bill payments
  6. 5.Scheduled payment
  7. 6.Card Services
  8. 7.Branch and ATM Locator
  9. 8.Transaction receipt generation
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How do I check my JAIZ bank Account balance?

To check account balance using Jaiz bank code follow the procedures below:

  • Dial *7730# on using your mobile number linked with Jaiz bank
  • Follow the onscreen prompt to complete your transaction.

You can also check your account balance by using the Jaiz bank mobile application.

To check your account balance navigate to the check account tab to check your account balance.

Jaiz Bank Code For Buying Airtime


You need to dial *773*Amount# i.e *773*1000# using the phone linked with your account and then follow the onscreen prompt to complete transaction.

You we recieve SMS that you’ve successfully recharge airtime.


To recharge from Jaiz bank to third party  simply  Dial *773*Amount*Phone Number#.

A debit alert SMS we pop in your device

How To Register Jaiz Bank Mobile Plus?

If you’ve the Jaiz bank mobile application you’re cool to go or if you don’t have go to play store or app store to download

You we have the following to register for Jaiz bank mobile plus

  1. Jaiz Account
  2. Active Jaiz Debit Card
  3. Mobile phone with at least Android version 5.0 and iOS version 13.0
  4. Create your login details (User ID and Password.

To register for Jaiz bank mobile plus navigate to the Jaiz bank mobile plus tab to create an account.

Jiaz Bank Head office Address

  • ADDRESS: 73,Ralph Shodeinde Street, Kano House, Central Business Area, Abuja.
  • PHONE NO: +2347007730000.
  • WORKING DAYS/HOURS: Mon – Fri / 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Can I have more than one account in my banking profile?


You can only have one Jaiz bank account which have been issued with your personal profile details.

How secure is Jaiz internet banking platform?

Is it safe to open a Jaiz banking account without a mobile or an online banking account?

This is a good question many people ask.

Jaiz bank online bank registration is safe and secured.

You can use only Jaiz bank code for all financial transactions on the go without visiting any bank’s premises or branch.

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