Joseph Prince: Biography, Family Life, Networth and More!

Joseph Prince is in the business of winning souls for God. He is a senior pastor in New Creation church located in Singapore.

In this article, we will be talking about the biography of Joseph Price. We will also include his age, background, children, husband, net worth, and much more. Let’s get on with it.

Profile Summary

Name: Joseph Prince

Title: Pastor/Author

Birth: 15 May 1963

Nationality: Singapore

Religion: Christianity

Spouse: Wendy Prince

Children: Jessica Shayna Prince (daughter)

Justin David Prince (son)

Church: New Creation Church

Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince Age

He was born on 15 May 1963 and in 2022 he’s 59 years old. His place of birth was Singapore.

He got married to Wendy Prince in 1994 and was blessed with 3 children: Jessica Shayna and Justin David.

Joseph Prince Children

Jessica Shayna (daughter) and Justin David (son). Jessica was born on 10th November 1999 while Justin was born on 28th March 2012.

Joseph Prince Background

Joseph Prince was born to an Indian father and a Chinese mother in Malaysia. Had his early school in Perak, Malaysia. Later went on to Common Wealth School and finally to Our Lady of Lourdes for his A levels program.

Joseph Prince Wife

Wendy Prince is the wife of Joseph. She is also in the gospel preaching business.

Joseph Prince’s Net Worth

Joseph Prince has accrued a reasonable amount of wealth over the years. In October 2014, Joseph made a list of top richest pastors and held the number 10th position. He was estimated to worth $6.4 million.

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