Jumia Affiliate Review: How to Benefit from it

This is a review of the Jumia affiliate program.

Bloggers and other online marketers are likely going to be interested in the affiliate program as it is one of the best out there in this region.

I’m going to start from the ground up, I will define what affiliate marketing is in case you’re new to this. If you’re not so new to how affiliate marketing works you can use the table of content to skip to your area of interest.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply helping a company sell its product(s) and you’re paid commission in return.

Simple to understand, right?  Yes! But there are a lot of things between signing up to an affiliate program and becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It’s not as easy as it sounds hence you’re being paid when you bring some sales.

Let’s narrow it down to Jumia affiliate program.

How does Jumia Affiliate Program Work?

In many ways, it’s similar to how other affiliate programs work. But there are discrepancies for example some affiliate programs offer a recurrent commission like Ad Networks but Jumia doesn’t. It’s not difficult to understand why they don’t as the product on sale differs and earning structure also differs.

First, you have to sign up as an affiliate and wait for the approval.

Once you’ve been approved to join the program you can then access your dashboard where you find your unique referral link for referring people to buy from Jumia.

You can find other promotional resources like banners through the dashboard. We’ll talk more about the dashboard later in this article.

How to Sign Up for the Program

It’s quite simple to join. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to affiliate.jumia.com.
  • Fill in the necessary details and wait for approval mail. Note, you can become a Jumia affiliate marketer even without owning a blog/website.

That’s all with the signup process.

How to Earn Good Money from Jumia Affiliate

This is where the main work comes in, a lot of people earn a substantial income monthly from the program and even a lot more don’t earn a penny.

So, you’re wondering and you may ask: Is it difficult to earn good money from the program? NO, not at all.

Does it require hard work and knowledge on how to go about it? Yes, it does!

As with so many other ways of making money online, it requires hard work which I see a lot of people put in and also knowledge, unfortunately, so many people don’t do it right.

To succeed with the Jumia affiliate program, you need to have a target audience to start with. You have to define your audience and what they may want to buy.

The product you wish to promote should help define your audience.

For instance, if you want to promote phones and phone accessories on your channel be it a blog or group. You should make sure the channel is related to phones hence having people interested in phones.

Often times I see blogs that are very far from the products they are promoting.

For example, an entertainment blog promoting a hosting company. This is so wrong and won’t bring any sales.

So, before signing up for the Jumia affiliate program, you should have a plan of showing a particular product to a related audience.

Let’s see different channels that you can advertise or promote Jumia’s products.

Platforms You Can Promote Jumia Products

You may not master all these platforms and honestly, you don’t have to. All you need is to get to understand what works for you. In all, it will depend on the amount of related audience that sees your promotion.

1) Blog/Website: This is arguably the best medium to promote Jumia products because you can also get targeted products from search engines that are totally free.

It does not cost much to start a blog, you could get started for less than $20 or #6,000. The bulk work is in creating content just like this article you are reading.

To run an affiliate site, you must define your niche. You can read more about blogging basics and how to start a blog.

2) Social Media: Unlike blogging where you can start without having an audience on the ground just yet with social media you’ll need to have a lot of audience on the ground and I mean a lot of it.

These are the 2 best means of promoting Jumia’s product. I’ve used them myself and I can say they work really good especially through blogs.

Jumia Affiliate Dashboard

To be able to hit the ground running it is important you understand how the affiliate program is designed to help you.

Just by the left pane, you find tabs with different functions.

jumia affiliate dashboard

First, you find the Performance tab. This tab shows a quick summary of how your promotions are performing.

The Advertising tab. This tab brings to you the promotional resources to help you promote their products.

The Report tab gives in-depth statistics on how your promotion is faring. You can choose to check for a particular period.

The Payment tab doesn’t need a lot of explanation as your guess is right. Here you add your payment details or change your payment details.

The Support tab leads you to where you can request support that’s if you ever run into an issue with the program.

That is it with the Jumia affiliate program review.

Affiliate marketing has an advantage over ad networks since it can’t be affected by browsers. We all are aware of the trend coming with browser blocking features.

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