Mobiworkx Review: A Good Survey App for Africans

Survey apps are not a new thing on the internet space as there have been tens of it in the past decades.

Just like  Afrisight, Mobiworkx survey is another legit paying platform own by a South African company which pays for your honest answers.

They also seeks users thoughts depending on the topics matched to a user. If you’ve been on any survey app in the past you’re not going to have any problem using Mobiworkx.

In this Mobiworkx review, I’ll answer some common questions and also share my thoughts and experience with this not-so-old survey app.

The following will be discussed:

  • What is Mobiworkx survey?
  • How does Mobiworkx works?
  • What are the earnings on Mobiworkx?
  • Is Mobiworkx legit or scam?
  • How can I register on Mobiworkx?
  • How can I refer someone on Mobiworkx and what’s the referral bonus?
  • How to login on Mobiworkx, and how to withdraw on mobiworkx.

What is Mobiworkx survey?

Mobiworkx survey is a South Africa platform that seeks opinions and answers from people and audience about their survey. They allow people to take part in answering some of their questions and equally  get paid for your answers. It is not mandatory that the answers must be correct but to be fair honest answers should be given.

How does mobiworkx work?

Mobiworkx survey app has a simple interface even users new to survey apps won’t find difficulty navigating. once you are done creating an account with them, Mobiworkx will send a notification email to you informing you of new survey that you can take part. When there’s a survey, complete the survey and obtain your cash reward.

Earnings on Mobiworkx

There are surveys worth $0.9 & $1 and even more on Mobiworkx. There is a probability of you earning higher amount of survey worth $4 and upward depending on how hard working you are on the platform.

Is mobiworkx legit or scam?

Mobiworkx survey like other legitimate survey platforms (pocket money), is a legit, safe and also paying. Don’t miss this great opportunity of making clean and cool money, hurry now and sign up with Mobiworkx.

I follow them on their Facebook page, I see comments from users around the Africa. The simple truth is that they pay.

Mobiworkx Registration

Mobiworkx survey registration is very simple and easy, all that’s required from you are:

  1. Visit https//www.
  2. Provide a username
  3. Phone number
  4. Contact info
  5. Password

You may see that you’re required to fill in a lot of details that’s normal for survey apps as they want to have enough information of you so they can match the right surveys to you.

Mobiworkx sign up is quite easy,  the process that you have to follow are:

You will be asked to provide a mobile number or email address.

Select your country code and input your number if you will like to make use of your phone number.

Input your email if you will like to make use of your email.

Click on proceed from there you will be referred to the page.

To confirm your mobile number for verification and to set your password as a new member.

Verify your phone number (not optional)

Provide your full name, home address and city, respectively with your date of birth and save.

After that log in and you will be provided with the list of surveys that is available for your location.

Remember to search and download the app on Google Play Store.

How to refer / referral bonus on Mobiworkx survey

After you might have successfully registered with Mobiworkx, login and proceed to your dash board, at the right hand side,  there’s a button on the sit, click on the button or simply look for referral link button, click on it and copy the link, then side it to any of your friend to visit the website through the link.

At the moment, there’s no referral mechanism put in place to reward users. But just as many other survey apps we expect that to come later in the future.

How to withdraw on Mobiworkx survey

The only withdrawal process available on Mobiworkx is through airtime, once you redeem your rewards and payment is processed you will receive an amount of your cash out as airtime recharge on your respective phone number you use to register the survey.

How to login on Mobiworkx survey

  1. Login to Mobiworkx by simply visit, then click on SIGN IN.
  2. Type in your phone number and password, and that’s all.

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