5 Payday Loans that accept Chime

Life can sometimes be unpredictable, and you may face challenges you don’t expect. It could be medical issues, house rent, school fees, etc. But what if you are short of funds when these problems come? This is where payday loans come in. They are a type of loan service that gives its customers cash advance loans.

However, selecting the wrong platform to obtain a payday loan can cost you more than expected, as some payday loan lenders charge incredibly high prices to their customers. Many people opt for Chime as it is more favourable than other alternatives.

This article discusses the 5 Payday loans that work with Chime and other relevant information.

What is Chime?

Chime is a multi-feature app that allows customers to receive direct deposits and debit cards. Chime gets its revenue from charging its customers a fee on every transaction made using its debit card. It is a legal and safe platform as the FDIC insures it. Chime hastens your direct deposits by two days to make them available to you faster. This happens once your direct deposit has been made to your Checking Account. It also offers a cash advance of up to $200 and allows withdrawals and transfers via an automated clearing house (ACH) Network.

5 Payday Loans that accept Chime

The following are 5 payday loans that accept the Chime platform:

1. Empower

Empower is a popular loan app that works perfectly with Chime. With Empower, you can choose between different classes of loans ranging from $25 to $250. Each of these classes comes with its requirements, and they are:

a. Base offer ($25)

Some Requirements

  • You must have a monthly take-home income on an average scale of $500+.
  • You must have enough money in your Empower account.

b. Recurring paycheck ($50)

Some Requirements

  • Your cash advance account must have been active for 60 days.
  • Your account must have a minimum of 2 transactions daily.
  • You must have enough money in your Empower account.

c. Paycheck at Empower ($100)


You must have a direct deposit of a paycheck of a minimum of $200 in the last 14 days or a minimum of $500 in the previous 30 days into your account.

d. Repayment History ($250)


  • You must have a minimum of 3 Cash advances that have been accepted & repaid through Empower debit card over three pay cycles.
  • You should have three recent, recurring deposits of $200+ from the same employer.
  • To check whether you are qualified or not, click on “Check eligibility now.”

2. Varo

This app is another top app that works well with Chime. They can charge you a $5 fee for Obtaining a $100 cash advance, $4 for a $75 cash advance, and $3 for a $50 cash advance. Amazingly, it charges no fees for a $20 cash advance.

Requirements to Qualify for Varo

  • You must have an active Varo account.
  • You must not have a negative Varo account.
  • Your account should be a minimum of 30 days old.
  • You would require at least $1,000 in qualifying direct deposits to your account within the last 31 calendar days.

3. Cleo

This payday loan app works with Chime and can easily connect to your account. If you want to get a cash advance on the same day, you must pay $3.99. But if you can be patient enough for at least 4 days, you can get it free. Nevertheless, you must pay your advance back in total before you can be permitted to obtain a new one. The following are the benefits of using the Cleo app:

Requirements to Qualify for Cleo advance

First and foremost, you must connect your debit card to your already created Cleo wallet. Other factors that will be considered before you can qualify for Cleo advance include:

  • Your spending habits
  • Your cash withdrawals
  • Any missed payments

4. Albert

Albert is another payday loan app that accepts Chime. With this app, you can get a cash advance of up to 

$250 even on the same day. However, you would be required to pay a fee of $4.99 except if you are patient enough to wait for 3 working days when you would get it for free.

Requirements to Qualify for Albert advance

  • You must have a job and obtain an income through direct deposit.
  • This income must be consistent for two months and arrives on a particular schedule, which can be weekly, monthly, etc.
  • You must have a current account balance of more than $0.

5. Dave

Dave accepts Chime and provides a 0% Interest Cash Advance up to $250 from your paycheck. You can also get a $200 advance with a direct deposit and a $100 advance when you link your bank account. Dave is very safe to use as it is FDIC insured.

Requirements to Qualify for Dave Advance 

  • You must create a direct deposit to obtain up to $200 advance or
  • You connect your Chime account to obtain up to a $100 advance.

Are there Bad Credit Loans that Accept Chime?

Yes, there are. Some bad credit loans that work with Chime include Earnin, Cash Advance.com, Cash USA.com, etc.


This article has just shown you 5 payday loans that work with Chime and the requirements for getting cash advances on the platforms. Please note that each of these platforms is good in its way, and so the best platform is the one suitable for your financial needs.

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