Remotasks Review: Earn Money performing Task

Remotask have come to stay!

It took me a while to accept that because surviing in the middle man industry needs a great job. I mean, I’ve witnessed a few of such platform who didn’t stand the test of time or never got close to full potential.

I bring to your notice a legit paying platform called Remotasks, similar to Rapid workers, Remotasks is a trusted and a professional money earning company, where its users earn a lot of money by performing tasks such as; Image tagging, Audio transcription, and Annotation jobs.

Well, don’t expect too much from the platforms in terms of earnings as an average earners bags less than $50 per month. This average is taking a wild guess, just like many similar platforms there are high-end earners, middle class and the low-end. It all depends on what skills you offer and the hours you’re able to put in within the month.

In this review, I have full detailed information about most of the questions that you may have about this platform such as;

  • What is Remotasks?
  • Is Remotasks legit or scam?
  • How does Remotasks work?
  • How do I get started on Remotasks?
  • How can i make money from Remotasks?
  • How much can I earn from Remotasks ?
  • How can I withdraw money form Remotasks?
  • What’s the minimum withdrawal from Remotasks?
  • What are the pros and cons of Remotasks? And many more.
  1. What is Remotasks?

It’s simply a micro job site. Started in San Francisco in the year 2017, Remostask as at the time of writing this review has been aroung for over half a decade. Anyone above the age of 18 with good command of English and of course, with a skill to offer can join the platform.

  1. Is Remotasks legit or scam?

No doubt, Remotask is 100% legit. As time passes it’s gaining more popularity current it’s available in 90 countries. Everything being normal getting your earning on this platform won’t be an issue as they pay automatically given that you’ve provided your payment address.

How does Remotask Work?

First of all, you need a Facebook account to sign up on Remotask. If you have a Facebook account in place head over to and sign up.

After signing up you log in. The next step is to take exams on the skills you intend to offer. There on the dashboard click on “Exams” You may have heard that some skills on Remotasks pay better but you should be more focused on skills you can offer on skills you can offer efficiently than running after high-paying task.

Remotasks makes it super-convenenient to receive payment. Using PayPal you get paid automatically every frifay, relieving!

To make it even better the minimum payout is really, with a balance of at least $5 you’re liable to withdrawal.

You get an additional $10 after hitting $10 in your first 2 weeks on Remotasks.

As you can see there are a lot of positives on this platform.

Requirements on Remotasks

  • A minimum of 18yrs is required from all users of the platform.
  • A computer with a spec of 4GB RAM (GPU is optional) minimum.
  • Minimum internet speed of 3MPS.
  • Minimum of 20hrs/weel allocated to Remotasks.
  • You must agree to the EU DPA  and terms of service.

Skills you can offer on Remotask

According to Remotasks: “Essentially, Remotasks is an earning platform that allows us Remotaskers to earn more doing simple tasks that involves identifying and labelling various objects in scenes”

You can offer text categorization jobs, audio translation, LiDAR annotation, data collection and more.

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