5 Signs She’s a Cheap Girl

Are you in a relationship and worried if your girl is cheap or not? Character defines the value standard of an individual. If you once dated an introvert, you will find the actions of an extrovert different and vice versa. 

Character varies, and we express ourselves differently. While you might be comfortable with some of your partners’ ways, others might not go well with you. But these ways could be amended through communications by both parties. However, if it becomes consistent and your girl does not seem to want to change, there are some characters to look for to know if she’s cheap.

Let’s check through these five points that show a girl is cheap.

5 Signs She’s a Cheap Girl

(1). Talks and associates with anyone: You sure want your girl to be different in standard and selective in association with friends. It’s not a safe character to call ‘everyone’ friends. We all need to have standards as to who we talk with, move with, and who people see us associate with. The kind of people we move with clearly shows who we are. It’s decent to respect all and not to ignore greetings. 

But those who we call friends are those who we open up ourselves to and let into our world. Here, everyone should have a set or class of people they should allow into their world. When one has no definite class of people one associates with but becomes a free zone to all, such a person is cheap. 

If your girl talks and associates with anyone, it is not humility as some might perceive; instead, she might be a cheap girl. We must have standards and a definite class of people we move with who we call friends to define us.

2. Expects that you foot her bills from day one: This is another characteristic to watch out for if you want to know if your girl is cheap or not. If your girl expects you to play the financial role for her from the day you meet her and she sees it as your obligation to date her, her character is questionable. This relationship mindset will affect her other lifestyles, career, and perspective on life. Expediently, she will be a girl of low goal setter and not likely to have challenging dreams because she believes her relationship is a gateway to solving her financial needs.

3. Contributes nothing to the relationship: If your girl is always the receiver and gives you nothing, she’s a cheap girl. Humans are supposed to have a sense of respect and responsibility. It’s out of respect to reciprocate kind gestures and show appreciation. If your girl does not reciprocate kind gestures and does not make you have a sense of belonging in the relationship, this is a point-out trait that she is cheap. 

Both partners must ensure the relationship’s strength and purpose are sustained. This is achieved by the two giving back to each other and seeing the other’s emotional, psychological, and physical comfort. 

4. Only interested in what she gets from you: We all have a sense of belonging when we feel we are wanted for who we are and spontaneously as individuals. But it’s a downcast when you feel you are only wanted for financial gains and other gains you can offer your partner. 

When your girl uses you to fulfil her wishes and only shows up for that, she’s a cheap girl. 

5. Isn’t appreciative: Appreciation is a core value of humans. With appreciative character comes respect, humility, and perseverance. When your girl isn’t appreciative, she’s bound to lack the other mentioned character values. She will see every good thing done for her as her right and entitlement. When your girl shows no appreciation, she’s a cheap girl.

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