Solution to Non-approval of Condonement of Illegitimate Admission

In this article, I will be sharing my experience when I registered for JAMB Regularization, the challenge I faced and how I went about solving it.

Before going down I will like to explain why JAMB Regularization is necessary for some students this will in turn help you understand why the “Non-approval of Condonment of illegitimate Admission” happens at times.

Ok, JAMB Regularization is done by students who were not offered admission by JAMB. A good example is those students who were admitted by the university after passing an A-Level exam. You’re being admitted without informing JAMB at the moment.

JAMB  sees the admission to be illegitimate and to make it genuine one has to register for JAMB Regularization. After approval, you can print out your JAMB admission letter.

Now, to my experience.

I did register mine on the 5th of August, 2021. You can see this in the screenshot below.

I delayed a bit to submit it to my university but after submitting about 2 months from that date I got the below mail with the subject: “Non-approval of Condonment of illegitimate Admission”. Check the below screenshot to see for yourself. You can download it so you see it clearly.

The reason for my disapproval was “insufficient O level result”. I visited the JAMB office where I registered mine and I was told there was a mistake when filling my WAEC grades. Maybe a wrong grade was inputted.

So, what was the solution? I was told that I have to register again which I did. I submitted it to my university and I’m yet to get a reply from JAMB. So, you see, it cannot be edited the only solution is to register again.

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This time I feel nervous waiting but I’m aware I’m not the only one to have encountered such an issue, many people had the same issue and solved it. If you’re facing the same don’t worry it will be solved.

Yours could be due to different names on 2 documents or any other discrepancy, it varies. But, they all have the same solution.

If you have any questions you can ask using the comment box below.

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  1. Mine is non approval for insufficient o level result
    Which is economics
    Does this mean that I have to write another exam wait for the result before going to re register?

    1. It’s likely your O’ Level result was not inputted completely (as it was in my case) or was not inputted correctly. Visit the JAMB office to rectify that.

    1. Hy thanks for the information. Mine was rejected with the reason: No more condonment of illegitimate admission through JAMB. What should I do?

  2. Please sir,
    If i do my jamb regularisation, do I need to go back to my formal institution with the slip given to me by jamb?

  3. What if the reason for the non condone ment of illegitimate admission is because u have 1 failed subject in your neco that u used in the process , please is there any solution? Thank you

  4. Hi. I have a problem concerning my jamb reg and I could see it happens to some other people also I will like to know if you guys got it solved or what’s the solution to this.

    “Mine is non approval for insufficient o level result
    Which is economics”

  5. I registered twice before it finally assept,now a message was set to that I have insurficent O ‘levels. And I have graduated..,. just want my eseption letter from my school

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