Different Types and Forms of Media in 2020

Types and Forms of Media

There are different forms, kinds, and types of media. However, the biggest source of information nowadays is the mass media as it gives well detailed latest happenings to the general public at large. It also plays an important role in giving out up to minute information. We shall consider them one after the other subsequently.

From time immemorial, media has been part and parcel of our noble society, even right from the time when people were used to paintings and writings as a means of sharing information. Thus, the mass media is, however, said to be the fourth state realm after the executive, legislature, and the judiciary.

What is Media?

Media literally means the mode of sharing information. Technically, it is a means, vehicle, medium, or channel of a message delivery system that carries information, advert, or message to a particular audience of a particular locality.

Famous media platforms like Radio, Television stations, publication houses, and the internet are the different types of media that are saddled with the responsibility of conveying well-detailed information from one person to another.

Other than passing useful information in terms of news, educational contents, and entertainment, the media is largely used for advertising too. Also, the nature of the products and target audience often determine the types or form of media to be used.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Media House

The following are the factors that most ad planners do consider before choosing the media house to market or promote their products or services.

  • The products or services market requirements;
  • The nature of the products or services;
  • Target audience;
  • The advert objective;
  • Penetration;
  • The distribution strategies;
  • Media availability;
  • The budget placed on the advert;
  • The size and nature of the business;
  • Nature of the message to be passed and appealability;
  • Competitor’s choices; etc.

Characteristics And the Forms of Mass Media

In the world we are today, we don’t need to wait for months before we get the gist of the happenings around the world and there’s no need to travel the oceans or wait for the magnificent pigeon before getting the latest news.

So it’s very much essential we highlight the significant changes, importance, and characteristics of today’s media to the development of our society. They are as follows:

  • Informational

The major attribute of the media is to bring news, message, and information to their listeners, viewers, or reader’s finger-tips

  • Timeliness

One of the main attributes of today’s media is timeliness. The world at large stand the chance to get the latest gist, live, as it unfolds.

  • Truthfulness

Unlike before where information and news are used to being spread without any iota of truth, the media of today wouldn’t publish anything without having reliable facts and figures.

  • Wider coverage

Another aspect of today’s media that brought a significant change to society at large is the opportunity to know everything that’s going on around the World. The media covers a wide area and brings the latest happenings around the world to the palms of their audience’s hands.

  • Educative

The media is also used as a means of imparting knowledge to people— through the instrument of TV stations and the internet.

  • Entertainment

Another characteristic of the media is entertainment. Other than bringing news to their audience as they unfold, the media are also known for creating and bringing joy and laughter to their audience’s faces through entertainment shows.

Different Types of Media

As time passes by, different scholars of eminent personalities came up with various modes of conveying news to the general public simultaneously. Recourse to the type or medium at which information is passed, their roles may vary too.

While they are all meant to communicate to their target audience; media can be broadly classified into 5 main types or categories and they are;

  • Print Media;
  • Broadcast Media;
  • The Internet;
  • Games;
  • Movies; etc.

1. Print Media

This type of mass media is used to be the first conventional way or means of delivering well-detailed information to the general public back then. For the 80s and 90s generations, this print media was the lone class of media to inform, entertain, and educate.

That being said, people place heavy reliance on the newspapers, magazines, and journals to know new things and learn everything ranging from recipes, entertainment news down to the important happenings about any country of the world.

Advantages of print media

  • It’s very flexible;
  • It is usually targeted at a particular location and language selectivity;
  • It often covers a wide area;
  • It offers penetration;
  • It has a high frequency and cheap;
  • Its readers are always involved; etc.

Disadvantages of print media

  • It has a very short life span;
  • Poor quality and presentation;
  • Very difficult to understand by the illiterate; etc.

2. Broadcasting Media

Broadcasting media is the type of media that passes timely news and information via audio or audio-visual to their target audience. The major sources of the broadcast media are the television and radio station.

With broadcast media, you can watch all the various types of events as they are happening around the globe. Usually, the number of people that are interested in watching sports news, spiritual news, and political news live are much more than any other type of media audience.

Similarly, with radio as another source of broadcast media, you can listen to all kinds of news and at the same time enjoy the music that flows with it through switching of channels.

Advantages of Broadcast Media

  • It has audio-visual benefits;
  • It covers a wider area and location with an effective cost;
  • It creates intrusive attention;
  • It reaches lower-income people easily;
  • The poor and illiterate are always carried along;
  • It encourages mental imagery; etc.

Disadvantages of Broadcast Media

  • Short-lived message;
  • Very intrusive;
  • It gives viewers limited attention;
  • Too much of commercials or advert;
  • Audience fragmentation; etc.

3. Internet Media

The Internet media is new in the world of mass media or news production realm. Ever since the rise of technology, people have been relying on the instrumentality of the Internet to get the latest news more than they do with the customary news sources.

Websites and blogs provide information and meaningful content in the form of text, audio, and video. The Internet is capable of delivering any kind of news and it is faster compared to any type or other source of media.

Accordingly, the Internet changes the universe, connects people, and also delivers to its users to ensure that they are in touch and always aware of any inventions, news, or even pandemic. You can, however, use the internet to express your idea and it’ll get to millions of people across the globe within seconds.

Advantages of the Internet Media

  • It has a global medium;
  • It generates immediate response;
  • It gives detailed and in-depth information and reviews;
  • It reaches B2B fanatic easily;
  • It has an interactive forum or medium; etc.

Disadvantages of the Internet

  • It lacks media efficiency;
  • Not too secure and full of unverified information;
  • Very costly to patronize;
  • It’s not persuasive; etc.

4. Games

Games can be defined as a form of electronic devices that are designed and created purposefully for entertainment. It’s a virtual environment that gives its fanatics easy access.

Equally, it is available on smartphones, PCs, and simulations. Games are, therefore, a type of media that is grown and common among the youths.

5. Movies

While all the different types of media have their differences and the best area they work the most; when it comes to promoting culture or spreading social awareness, using the movie medium will give the best results.

Movies had played an unforgettable part in the entertainment realm. It could come in form of film, screenplay, motion picture, or moving picture and it has world-wide reachability just like any type of media.

Different Forms of Media

The forms of Media are born out of the types of media. That is to say, all the forms of Media in existence are fashioned out from the types of the medium of passing out information to people.

Though not limited to the below mentioned, the following are the different kinds of Media.

1. Newspapers

The newspaper belongs to the print media family. It’s a form of news media meant for a very large number of audience consumption and it’s often published and distributed on a daily, biweekly, weekly or monthly basis. While the newspaper is known to be distributed locally, nationally, or internationally, it can be read at any time that’s convenient for the readers.

The major coverage in a newspaper includes feature articles, editorials, sports news, politics, science and technology, international news, finance as well as entertainment.

Classification of Newspaper

Regional Newspaper

This is also known as a local newspaper. It is a newspaper that is published once a week as it covers what happened in a particular locality in the past week. This type of newspaper has no value to people outside this region or environment.

National Newspaper

This class of newspaper covers national issues as it contains virtually everything that’s going on in the nation with little recourse to the international happenings.

Special or Specific Audience Newspaper

As the name implies, a specific audience class of newspaper is a paper published on a single subject matter aimed at a specific target audience. It could be a newspaper published mainly on fashion; it could be a sports newspaper that covers only sports events and so on.

2. Magazines

Magazines are as common as newspapers but don’t have many audiences compared to the newspapers. Usually, it’s being published on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

It’s a special informational and entertainment form of media that specializes in consumer’s needs, fashion, businesses, etc. It allows the presentation of news or events with illustrations, colors, images, etc.

More often than not, a magazine as a source of news media contains information about lifestyle, finance, food, business, fashion, sports, and so on.

Different Types of Magazines

Consumer Magazines

This type of magazine is bought by the general public to get hold of a past event and entertainment. Often, it’s targeted at a particular audience. It may however be; a glamour magazine, general interest magazine, film magazine, women’s lifestyle, etc.

Business Magazines

This kind of magazine entails the publication of trade journals, industries, or corporations. Business Magazines are often published weekly, monthly, or bi-annually.

The general audience of this kind of magazine includes business managers, business persons, executives, wannabe entrepreneurs, etc.

3. Television

Television as a form of mass media is considered to be the most influential, authoritative, and exciting channel for getting to a large number of target audiences. It combines audio, visual images, color, and motion to achieve its viewer’s feelings.

While Television is broadcast as a newspaper is to print, it’s arguably the number one broadcasting channel that reaches large numbers of the audience through their various programs.

What’s more, television allows the imagination and creativity of advertising messages amazingly. Back then, there were only a few television channels dishing out various types of media content, whereas there are hundreds of TV stations to choose from now.

And each of these channels delivers media content that is different from the other. There is a separate channel for drama, sports, news, animation, politics, geo-nature, travel, cartoon, etc.

4. Radio

Radio is the foremost mass media channel for advertisers. It’s very flexible, offers selectivity, and reach a wide number of audiences. The radio uses what is called electromagnetic waves to transmit information, entertainment, and educational content to its listeners.

Because it can reach high numbers of audiences, radio is mostly used for marketing products and services.

People often hear the radio to find out the traffic and weather situation of the day while commuting.

5. Banners

Banner as a form of news media is often used to advertise a particular company’s products or services. It’s usually placed on an easy to notice area to attract the target audience’s attention.

6. Billboards

Just like a banner but much more than it. A billboard is a huge board that is often placed along the road purposely to advertise and pass a message about a particular company or brand.

7. Social networks

Social media channels are a class of media born out of the internet as a form of media. They are used by many around the world, and the most famous among them is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, and more.

8. Website

Websites are often designed in a user-friendly manner created purposely for serving people with meaningful content and information that are of human interest.

9. Podcast

This is a type of information shared via audio but focused on a specific topic or theme that is of interest to people. A podcast can be listened to on a smartphone or computer.

10. Brochures

This is a type of booklet that explains everything about a particular organization or thing. A brochure tells more about a company’s or firm products, their services, mission statement, terms and conditions, address, contact details, and lots more.

Conclusion – Types of Media

Mass media as a channel of communication has brought a lot of good than harm to this present society. In this article, we were able to explain the uses of the different types of media ranging from giving updates about the latest news, learning new things down to entertainment.

Equally, it was said that the advancement in technology sees to the fact that we can choose any type of media we so much desire to use, listen to, read, or watch, regardless of time or place. Further, the above discussed let us know that the best time people listen to the radio is while they are driving. We also saw that much emphasis has been laid on the Internet these days as it has universal use and function.

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