Types Of Print Media In 2020

Types of print media

In a previous article, we saw the different types and forms of Media and discovered the print media to be one of the most popular types of media in general. So in this article, we’ll be looking into the different types of print media.

The print media is one of the earliest forms of modern communications and it remains arguably one of the most sought mass media in terms of infotainment and adverts. Thus, there are different types of print media in journalism that are used in conveying information and messages from one place to the other.

What is Print Media?

Broadly speaking, print media is a written or pictorial mode of communication that is produced either mechanically or electronically via printing or any digital methods out of which voluminous copies are produced through an automated process.

While it is crystal clear that any material that is written and typed purposely for communicating is a product of print media. Hence, newspapers, magazines, journals, brochures, billboards, etc., are great and perfect examples of print media.

Other than telling stories and news events, there are some other uses of print media. Perchance, it’s ideal to highlight the uses of print media before delving into the subject matter of the discourse.

Benefits of Print Media

  • It is used for spreading contentful information about daily news and events as it is considered as one of the fastest means to reach the entire public;
  • The print media also provides a lot of fun and entertainment to it, readers, as it talks fashion, sport, and other activities that are of human interest;
  • Print media as a form of communication can also be used as a means of advertising goods, products, or services as it is quite inexpensive and can get to a wider number of audiences at once; etc.

Types of Print Media

Haven explain what print media is all about, now is the perfect time to unravel the different types of print media that media houses use in disseminating a vital piece of information and advert to their target audience both home and abroad.

1. Newspapers

The most famous and highly celebrated type of print media anywhere in the world is the newspaper. It’s very simple to read as it caters to several audiences with different and elaborate categories.

All kinds of print media are periodicals and so is the newspaper. It has categories, too, in terms of publicity. Some newspapers are published daily, some weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-annual.

Accordingly, the newspaper is usually divided into several segments such as the current events, editorials, sports, food, opinion, entertainment, business, fashion, features writing, finances, advertisements, and politics, etc.

2. Newsletter

Also, a newsletter is another print media publication that usually covers a single topic. More often than not, interested readers have to subscribe to a particular newsletter before they can get it and many a time, it is for free.

Generally, newsletters are essentially used as a source of information for a particular community, group, or environment having an interest in a particular issue, topic, or event. Also, they can be used for political campaigns, promotional purposes, and other causes.

In the same vein, newsletters are used in schools and colleges as a means of communicating to parents to give them an overview of the latest happenings in the school or to inform them about a future event.

Lastly, it’s crucial to note that some companies do use this form of print media as a marketing strategy by way of providing a piece of well-detailed information to their employees and customers.

3. Magazines

The magazine is the second most popular print media tool after the newspaper and it’s the most costly of them all. It’s often produced with a gloss-coated paper and it can last for months on the table compared to its counterpart.

Informatively, magazines provide a detailed article on different topics such as the latest happenings, food, fashion, entertainment, sports, finance, business, politics, and so on.

Being a periodical, magazines are also published weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the category. Thus, most of the magazine publications are often sold at both national and international.

Similarly, placing an advert in a magazine could costs a fortune compare to a newspaper, but it is the perfect way to reach some particular market segments.

4. Banners

Since print media is said to be any form of communication that is written, typed, and printed out; then a banner is qualified to be a basic print media type. Often, banners are made of cloth or leather to show slogans or pass some messages.

It is mostly used for advertising products or brands in exhibitions to add more color to the name of such products or services. Just like banners, other basic print media types are related to it. Examples include posters.

Although banners are bigger in size and everything than a poster, they are both meant to serve the same purposes; to pass a particular message to the readers or viewers. Posters are often used for political campaigns but both do contain words plus pictures.

5. Billboard

Billboard as a print media is often used basically for advertising. Just like a poster and banner, it contains pictures or words and in most cases, it combines both in other to make it even more appealing to the target readers.

That said, billboards are usually huge to aid reading from a far distance. Most often, it is fixed in a location that is busy, full of traffics, or lots of commercials.

6. Open Books

Without a doubt, books are the oldest category of print media used as a means of communicating and passing useful informational pieces. Books provide an unending opportunity for passionate writers to spread words and knowledge all over.

Being a collection of voluminous printed pages, they are of a diverse outlet with varying topics and subjects such as history, literature, history, stories, and a lot more that increases one’s knowledge as well as entertain the reader.

7. A Brochure

The brochure is quietly fading away these days as a result of the technology boom that gives rise to the digital world. Nonetheless, it’s also a type of print media that is very common in society. It’s also called pamphlets.

Since it’s a means of spreading information, a brochure usually contains the details of a particular company, firm, or organization. Many a time it is for takeaway in other to keep the organization or brand alive in the mind of their prospective audience.

8. Flyers

A flyer is a small paper with a printed note containing some piece of information telling its readers about a particular happening or event that is going to be held in the future. Also, it can be used as a sales pitch too.

More so, a flyer must be crisp, eye-catching, and small so that it will perfectly attract people’s attention. It can be distributed on the road, in an exhibition, at schools, or in the market depending on the kind of audience you are targeting.


Print media is one of the earliest means of communication even before broadcast media came into existence. While the newspaper and magazine are the leading proponents of this type of mass media, other categories listed above can perfectly fit in too.

Therefore, it is understandable from the foregoing that all the different types of print media are periodicals because it can either be published daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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